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HTML5 Videochat web app using WebRTC. Simple setup to integrate VideoWhisper videochat application with other frameworks.
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PHP HTML5 Videochat

PHP Live Streaming Webcam

Before installing, test the simple setup in the live demo: PHP HTML5 Videochat - Live Demo

This plain php edition includes code and minimal scripts tp embed a HTML5 Videochat app and test/showcase some features. This edition is for integrating/using application with own scripts/framework. This edition showcases streaming from 1 broadcaster to multiple viewers and chat. For a complete implementation of advanced capabilities, see Turnkey HTML5 Videochat Site edition, available as WordPress plugin with full php source. The turnkey site edition implements pay per minute videochat (group and private 2 way video calls) with membership, billing, advanced tools.

Simple PHP Edition Features

  • Automatically create a room as broadcaster on access and show link to invite participants that will access as viewers
  • Broadcast and playback live video using HTML5 WebRTC
  • Simple implementation of signaling broadcast (to connect automatically) and text chat, using plain files

Key Features for HTML5 Videochat

Warning: some of these features are not active/implemented in this simplified edition, but can be enabled as in turnkey site edition.

  • 1 way to many live video streaming, in public lobby
  • 2 way videochat, in private (1 to 1) shows with request/approve interaction
  • live wallet balance display (updates from tips and other transfers)
  • tips with multiple customizable options, gift images
  • WebRTC relayed streaming (reliable and scalable to many clients from streaming server, independent of broadcaster upload connection)
  • group / private paid videochat, pay per minute
  • random videochat with Next button to move to different performer room
  • fullscreen for videochat interface or playback video
  • collaboration mode with file sharing
  • adaptive target video bitrate (depending on cam resolution) and configuration in resolution change
  • broadcasting/playback stats (open controls and stats should show in few seconds)
  • dark mode / lights on: each user can toggle interface mode live at runtime
  • translation support

Installation Instructions

  • Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements including for a HTML5 WebRTC streaming relay. Production implementations should also involve Session Control.
  1. If you don't use a turnkey webrtc relay streaming hosting, configure WebRTC and SSL with Wowza SE.
  2. Deploy files to your web installation location. (Example: yoursite.domain/html5-videochat/)
  3. Fill your streaming settings in settings.php file
  4. If you don't have SuPHP, enable write permissions (0777) for folder "uploads", required to save session and chat info.

Plain PHP Edition Limitations

  • The plain php edition refers to minimal scripts for configuring and accessing videochat room, so developers can integrate with own scripts.
  • Plain php edition does not involve database and systems to manage members, rooms, billing. These depend on framework you want to integrate, plugins, database, member system.
  • Applications reads parameters, wallet balance and other data with ajax calls from framework/integration scripts (that need to be implemented depending on framework, database, user scripts).
  • A complete implementation of features is available for WordPress framework. See Turnkey HTML5 Videochat Site edition, available as WordPress plugin with full php source. Includes user role management (performers/clients), pay per minute, integrates billing wallets.
  • Plain edition implements 1 way streaming and chat with broadcast / playback screens for broadcaster and other participants. Application supports but this edition does not implement signaling for requesting 2 way video calls or parameters and content for conference/collaborations.

Main Integration Scripts

  • index.php embeds the html5 application: accessed directly creates a room and shows room link to invite others
  • app-call.php is called by application to retrieve parameters, interact with web server, update status and chat (ajax calls)
  • app-functions.php functions implementing features for app-call.php , including translated texts, app settings
  • settings.php settings and options, including streaming settings and url for calls (when integrating with own framework)

Scripts also contain comments for clarifications/suggestions.

This is a simple setup showcasing easy app deployment and integration with other PHP scripts. For a quick setup, see VideoWhisper Turnkey Stream Hosting Plans that include requirements for all features and free installation.

For assistance and clarifications, Contact VideoWhisper Support.

For a more advanced setup, see this turnkey site solution based on WP: HTML5 Paid Videochat Site Software

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