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Testing framework for Android allowing to test interaction between multiple devices

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Introducing the UiMutilator - Android UI Testing on several devices that requires interaction. Perfect for automating UI testing for apps that relies heavily on interaction, for example chat apps. Don't like jUnit? No problems, with UiMutilator you can use any test runner such as TestNG to drive the UI tests.

The UiMutilator exposes a similar interface as the Android UiAutomator. However, this UiMutilator is capable of running on multiple devices.


The methods exposed by UiMutilator differs in two major ways: The getUiDevice() method and the newUiObject() method.

Instead of calling getUiDevice() like in the Android UiAutomator, you can getUiDevice().any() to connect to any device connected to your computer. You can also use other methods such as getUiDevice().number(1) or getUiDevice().withSerial("emulator-554") to select which device to run the test on.

This has the advantage of beeing to interleave ui commands and assertions between two devices.

Instead of calling new UiObject() like in the Android UiAutomator, you have to call uiDevice.newUiObject(). This is because UiMutilator needs to know on which device you intend to act, since a test may be connected to several devices.


This is an example of a UiMutilator test

public void testGetText() throws Exception {
	UiDevice uiDevice = getUiDevice().any();
	UiObject settingsOption = uiDevice.newUiObject(new UiSelector().text("System settings"));
	UiObject sound = uiDevice.newUiObject(new UiSelector().text("Sound"));
	Assert.assertEquals("Sound", sound.getText());


To build the 'UiMutilator.jar' from source file follow the following instructions.

  • Build the ant file 'command-tests/build.xml' with tharget 'build'.
  • Build the classes in the src folder.
  • export alla class files generated from the sources in the src folder and, this is important, also export the command-tests/bin/command-tests.jar.

This can be done easily in for example Eclipse. There is also a test suite containing a few demonstration tests inside the test source folder.


Created by Samuel Carlsson & Johannes Elgh


Testing framework for Android allowing to test interaction between multiple devices






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