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Message bot using AWS Lambda and Alexa Skills Kit

It is a simple Alexa Skill built with AWS Lambda function and the Alexa SDK. It uses Twilio and SparkPost API to send text and email messages.


Alexa Skill Setup:

The following intent schema allows to handle the mobile number or email address of the recipient.

  "intent": "textBot",
  "slots": [
      "name": "numberSlot",
      "type": "AMAZON.NUMBER"
      "name": "msgSlot",
      "type": "AMAZON.LITERAL"
  "intent": "emailBot",
  "slots": [
      "name": "addressSlot",
      "type": "AMAZON.LITERAL"
      "name": "messageSlot",
      "type": "AMAZON.LITERAL"

Here, NUMBER slot type handles any number in words, whereas, LITERAL slot type handles free form text. In configuration, use the AWS lambda arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:607231461091:function:askMessageBot

Twilio Account Setup:

  • Register in Twilio and buy a number.
  • Setup a Messaging Service under Programable SMS service using the number.
  • Keep a note of the ACCOUNT-SID and AUTH-TOKEN which will be used for authentication.

SparkPost Account Setup:

  • Register in SparkPost and create a sending domain.
  • Use the REST api key for authentication to send emails.

AWS Lambda Setup:

  • Go to the AWS Console and click on the Lambda link from us-east.
  • Click on the Create a Lambda Function or Get Started Now button.
  • Skip the blueprint
  • Create a Lambda Function such as "askMessageBot"
  • Select the runtime as Python 2.7
  • Go to the the src directory, select all files in lib/python2.7/site-packages and then create a zip file.
  • Upload the zip file to the lambda function where the main function is named as lambda_function and save it.


Go to the Skills section in Alexa app and search for messageBot to install the skill. It uses the lambda created at arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:607231461091:function:askMessageBot

Try some of the interactions recorded:

  • help please
  • textBot send text to six zero seven three seven two three seven seven zero that alexa is cool
  • emailBot send email to vidyasagar dot zero three nine at gmail dot com that it's an email from alexa
  • brickhackBot what is brick hack
  • vidya who is Sagar
  • strangerthings what is Amazon Alexa
  • stop thank you