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KLIPSE manual

KLIPSE is live at

KLIPSE layout is intentionnaly kept flat without any buttons.

Tweaking is done with url parameters and hotkeys.

URL parameters

KLIPSE configuration is done with the url parameters:

  • cljs_in=<cljs_code> - initial content of the clojurescript box ( code must be encoded properly)
  • cljs_in.gist=<gist_id> - load code from a gist; e.g.
  • container=1 - container more useful for UI stuff: instead of the compilation box, you have your klipse container
  • js_only=1 - display only input and js boxes
  • eval_only=1 - display only input, eval and print boxes
  • static-fns=true - eval and transpile js code with static dispatch
  • external-libs - array of external libs to resolve the namespace dependencies. Here is an example with the gadjett library.
  • verbose - (default false) passed to bootstraped eval and compile functions as :verbose opts
  • cache-buster - (default false) when true the namespaces are loaded with a cache buster
  • max-eval-duration - (default 1000) max number of 1000 seconds the code is allowed to run synchronously before being interrupted.
  • compile-display-guard: (default false) when true, display the anti-starvation code inside result of compilation
  • print-length: (default 1000) max number of items in collections to display - useful to prevent browser stuck when evaluating infinite sequences like (range)
  • beautify-strings: (default false) when evaluation result is a string - display the "interior" of the string without escaping the quotes.


Interaction with the REPL is done with hotkeys:

  • Ctrl-Enter - eval and transpile
  • Ctrl-S - create a shareable url that embeds the content of your current KLIPSE session.
  • Ctrl-R - reload the app with the same content (pass the content to cljs_in url parameter).