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# KLIPSE [![Circle CI](](
KLIPSE is live [here](
KLIPSE is both an app and a plugin
The app is live [here](
And it looks like this:
@@ -33,12 +36,10 @@ Press Ctrl-Enter to evaluate.
rlwrap lein run -m clojure.main scripts/figwheel.clj
Open the browser [http://localhost:5014/index-dbg.html](http://localhost:5014/index-dbg.html)
For the app, open the browser [http://localhost:5014/index-dbg.html](http://localhost:5014/index-dbg.html)
Open the browser [http://localhost:5014/cards.html](http://localhost:5014/cards.html)
For the plugin, open a test page e.g. http://localhost:5014/js-dbg.html
Currenlty, `cards` is broken :(
## Tutorial

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