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some notes (and maybe some simple, simple code) for planning menus with seasonal constraints
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some notes on menu planning, and maybe some code

the weekly routine is to plan a menu for next week.
this is a constraint based scheduling problem,
with the following constraints:

inventory: what's on hand in the fridge (perishable)
and in the pantry (non-perishable)

market: what's in season at farmer's market, and especially
what's on sale or otherwise very reasonable

easy: which days of the week require an easy meal because
of other things going on

leftovers: which days require leftovers for the next day for

variety: what the previous week and month's menu was like,
and are we tired of anything; also try not to put too many
too-similar dishes on the same week's menu eg. no bean soups
back to back

holiday: are there special seasonal meals for holidays or
events that need to go into the mix

recipes: an inventory of recipes coded up in some way (detailed
or not) that support this
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