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Quick Start Ruby & Rails

This tutorial is an introduction to Ruby and Rails (Rails is a web framework for the Ruby programming language).

The tutorial requires only a basic knowledge about the web, how it works and a bit of familiarity with tools like a text editor and the terminal/shell. If you are completely unfamiliar with the terminal, we wrote a short introduction to get you started.

You can find a few pointers where to start, what is recommended to use and tips in the Wiki.

To start, clone this "repository" with Git. Git helps you keep track of changes you make to your project/code; if you are not familiar with Git yet, this codeschool tutorial is a great resource. Got Git up and running? Go forth and run the following command in your terminal:

git clone

Or Download it as a Zip-file

Open the folder in your terminal:

cd Quick-Start-Rails-and-Ruby

Also open the folder in your preferred text editor (we recommend Sublime or Atom).

Go to doc/ and start.


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