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Planet Vienna.rb

Feed list/configuration for Planet Vienna.rb and Planet Friends of Vienna.rb

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Looking for more awesome Ruby events? See the world-wide Awesome Ruby Events (Conferences, Meetups, Camps, etc.) List @ Planet Ruby ».

Note: All feeds including the feed lists (that is, viennarb.ini and viennarb-friends.ini) get auto-updated (fetched) once a day (that is, every 24 hours).

Vienna.rb FeedsFriends of Vienna.rb FeedsHow To Add Your Feed

Vienna.rb Feeds

More Ruby Meetups Nearby

Friends of Vienna.rb Feeds

Co-WorkingMore MeetupsMore (Un)Conferences / Camps / etc.Companies


More Meetups

More (Un)Conferences / Camps / etc.


How To Add Your Feed

Step 1: Add your feed to the feed list. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. The blog/site title => **Floor Drees**
  2. The blog/site link => [](
  3. The blog/site web feed => [mega:](

That's all. All together now in one line:

- **Floor Drees**  (web: [](

Resulting in:

Note: This one line list entry will (auto-)generate a planet configuration entry in viennarb.ini or viennarb-friends.ini. Example:

  title  = Floor Drees
  link   =
  feed   =

Step 2: There's no Step 2 ;-)

That's it. Wait for the next auto-update (max. 24 hours). Welcome on Planet Vienna.rb.

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Planet Vienna.rb is powered by the pluto gem.