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Collection of held presentations
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Collection of held presentations

Meetup 16-05-12

Meetup 16-04-07

Meetup 16-02-04

Meetup 15-11-20

  • Floor Drees & Laura Gaetano, intro
  • Scaling beyond 1 dyno: Jakob Sommerhuber & Dominik Hurnaus (Platogo)
  • Meteor for Rails-Fans: Jan Jezek
  • How to run a full web hosting stack in docker: Phillipp

Meetup 15-10-15

Meetup 15-09-03

  • Aaron Cruz, intro
  • The evolution of the Runtastic backend: Simon Lasselsberger
  • 2 months of Rails Girls Summer of Code; what's cooking: Pilar & Shelly
  • RubyIssue(s): Sonja Heinen
  • Discussion round on Rails 5

Meetup 15-06-11

Meetup 15-05-07

Meetup 15-04-02

Meetup 15-03-05

Meetup 15-02-12

  • viennarb21: Laura Gaetano, intro
  • Jekyll, GitHub Pages, OctoPress 'n friends: Gerald Bauer
  • Ghost In The Finite State Machine: Markus Prinz, Ghost In The Finite State Machine
  • Andi Fink, What we can learn from Logstash

Meetup 15-01-08

Meetup 14-12-04

  • viennarb_19_intro: Floor Drees, intro
  • FIWARE Info Day Vienna - CEED Tech.pptx: Imre Hild, introducing the CEEDTech incubator program
  • Ruby is dead (a discussion): Aaron Cruz

Meetup 14-11-06

  • viennarb18: Laura Gaetano, intro
  • W2UI To The Rescue: Stefan Haslinger
  • Stop the user from changing your Rails Models! by Phillipp Röll (slides missing)
  • Building HTTP JSON APIs w/ Ruby by Gerald Bauer (slides missing)
  • README-Driven Development: Floor Drees

Meetup 14-10-02

Meetup 14-09-04

  • ActiveAdmin by Sebastian Grässl (slides missing)

Meetup 14-06-05

  • viennarb15: Laura Gaetano, intro
  • Project_Management: Adrian Smith, Keeping Software Projects Under Control
  • PaginationDoneTheRightWay: Markus Winand, SQL Pagination Done The Right Way
  • Pair Programming: Peter Kofler

Meetup 14-05-08

Meetup 14-04-10

  • refactoring Rails with your database in sync by Martin Schürrer (slides missing)
  • Rails Girls Summer of Code & how to get involved: Laura Gaetano
  • How To Become Rich and Handsome for the Poor and Ugly Application Developer by Aaron Cruz (slides missing)

Meetup 14-03-13

Meetup 14-02-06

Meetup 14-01-09

Meetup 13-12-05

  • intro_20131205.pdf: Floor Drees, intro
  • Docker: Andreas Tiefenthaler
  • vienna.rb - dart.pdf: Thomas Schranz, What if JavaScript and Ruby had a baby?
  • OpenShift loves Sinatra and WebSockets: Michal Fojtik
  • The Packer talk by Ben Fritsch was a LIE!

Meetup 13-11-14

Meetup 13-10-11

Meetup 13-09-05

Meetup 13-07-18

  • intro: Andreas Tiefenthaler, Introduction and the Gem of the month: brakeman
  • faster-tests: Anton - Tony - Bangratz , Make your tests faster and use Ruby 2.0
  • continuous deployment.pdf: Clemens Helm, Make your workflow continuous, deploy continuous
  • Vagrant.pdf: Markus Prinz, An introduction to Vagrant
  • Vagrant DRB Demo: Aaron - Pferdefleisch - Cruz, Gems and config for my vagrant DRuby demo at vienna.rb July 18 2013

Meetup 13-06-06

Meetup 13-05-09

  • sequel: Andreas Kopecky, When to use Sequel
  • vienna.rb #3 slides (rails girls).pdf: Sarah Howorka, On her projects and RailsGirls
  • Ruby workflow.pdf: Clemens Helm: The Ruby workflow or: Less workflow, more Ruby

Meetup 13-04-12

  • coderswoborders.pdf: Floor Drees, Coders without boarders
  • Gerald Bauer, Using Open Beer & Brewery Data in Ruby
  • vienna.rb - open data.pdf: Tomáš Kramár, Interpreting Open Data
  • Unit Testing.pdf: Anton Bangratz, Bag o’ Tricks: Unit Testing

Meetup 13-03-07

  • 01-deployment-with-fpm.pdf: Andreas Tiefenthaler, How to deploy Rails apps using Debian packages
  • Securing Rails.pdf: Markus Prinz, A short overview of Rails' software security troubles in January and February of 2013, and a few tips on how to defend yourself against attackers
  • null_object.pdf: Michi Huber, Tell don't ask, how to not repeat yourself with null objects
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