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The ViennaPHP website.
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The ViennaPHP website. View at


The website is powered by Jekyll, a static website generator. The content is written in HTML as well as Markdown and the Foundation CSS framework is used. To help you get started, a vagrant configuration is available to easily run jekyll in every environment without the need to install something locally.

If you want to help, first make sure you can build the website locally:

  1. Install vagrant and virtualbox
  2. vagrant up --provision: Boots the vagrant machine and installs all dependencies
  3. vagrant ssh: Opens an SSH connection into the virtual machine.
  4. cd /vagrant && rake serve: Running this inside the VM will start a webserver on port 4000 which serves the website and all assets.
  5. http://localhost:4000 in your browser: You should see the ViennaPHP website

Pull Requests

After you have changed some files and made sure the result looks ok, please open a pull request against the ViennaPHP repository. Please make sure to always make PRs against the source branch.

After your PR is merged, the new version of the website will be pushed soon after.

Big changes, little changes

If you wanna help, that's awesome. We appreciate any help towards making the page better. If you have minor changes like spelling mistakes, grammer or some CSS fix, go ahead and greate a PR right away.

If you want to change something bigger which might be the subject to discussion, maybe opening an issue first is better simply because if we reject the idea you save yourself the work of implementing it.

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