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Developer repository for ViennaTS - The Vienna Topography Simulator: Releases will be tagged on the master branch and published as dedicated, compressed packages on source forge:
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Developer repository for ViennaTS, a C++, OpenMP-parallelized Topography simulator. Releases are tagged on the master branch and available in the releases section.

For more information and help to getting started, visit

System requirements

  • C++ compiler
  • OpenMP
  • Boost C++ Libraries (
  • VTK C++ Libraries (
  • HDF5 (optional - required for TDR file support)

Currently supported operating systems

  • GNU/Linux (32/64Bit)

Building instructions

To build ViennaTS, clone the repository and issue the following suggested commands:

$> cd viennats-dev    # the checked-out GIT folder
$> mkdir build        # the build folder

Configure the build, default build type is the 'optimized/release' mode:

$> cd build/
$> cmake ..

Watch for Warning/Error messages during the configuration stage.

Now build the 'viennats' simulation executable

$> make

CMake Options

CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE   = Debug, (Release) # Turn off/on optimizations (default: Release, i.e., optimized mode)
VIENNATS_STATIC_BUILD = ON/OFF # build ViennaTS without dynamically linked libraries (VTK must be built statically when this is ON)

Authors and Contact

Current contributors: Lado Filipovic, Paul Manstetten, Xaver Klemenschits and Josef Weinbub

Contact us via:

Founder and initial developer was Otmar Ertl; not active anymore.

ViennaTS was developed under the aegis of the 'Institute for Microelectronics' at the 'TU Wien'.


See file LICENSE in the base directory.

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