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A PHP client for the Forage search server

License: MIT


$ composer require vierbergenlars/forage-client:~0.2@alpha

Usage example


use vierbergenlars\Forage\Transport\Http as HttpTransport;
use vierbergenlars\Forage\Client;

$transport = new HttpTransport;
$client = new Client($transport);

$query = $client->createQueryBuilder()
               ->setSearchQuery('Funny cat')
               ->addFilter('animal', 'cat')
               ->addFilter('categories', array('funny', 'lol'))
               ->addWeight('title', 3)

$results = $query->execute();

echo 'Total hits: '.$results->getTotalHits();
foreach($result as $hit) {
    /* @var $hit \vierbergenlars\Forage\SearchResult\Hit */
    echo ' - '.$hit->getDocument()['title'].' (score: '.$hit->getScore().'; id='.$hit->getId().')';

Full documentation is available in the wiki, or have a look at the API documentation

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