Git in PHP -- A full implementation of the git SCM in PHP, and PHP only.
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gihp -- Git in PHP

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Gihp is a set of classes to work with git repositories in pure PHP. Not a single line of shell code is executed.

Recently a full-history rewrite was executed


Add vierbergenlars/gihp to your composer.json or run composer.phar require vierbergenlars/gihp

    "require": {
        "vierbergenlars/gihp": "*"

API documentation

Only the API documentation for the latest version is available online. Earlier versions can be generated from source with ApiGen

Basic usage

Opening a repository and getting basic information is a piece of cake.


use gihp\Repository;
use gihp\IO\File;

$io = new File('.');
$repo = new Repository($io); // Load the repository that lives in the working directory

$branches = $repo->getBranches(); // Loads all branches in the repository

echo "Branches in this repo: \n";
foreach($branches as $name=>$branch) {
    // Branches have their name as key, and a gihp\Branch object as value.
    echo $name."\n";

$tags = $repo->getTags(); // Loads all tags in the repository
echo "Tags in this repo: \n";

foreach($tags as $name=>$tag) {
    echo $name."\n";

But what if you want to learn more about a tag?


// ...

$tag = $repo->getTag('v0.1.0'); // Load the tag "v0.1.0", returns gihp\Tag

echo "About the 0.1.0 version: \n";

$tag->getName(); //returns "v0.1.0", obviously.

// Gihp automatically determines the type of the tag.
// When it is an annotated tag, functions are called on that annotated tag.
// When it's a normal tag, functions are called on the commit it refers to.

echo 'Message: '.$tag->getMessage()."\n"; // Gets the message associated with the tag.
echo 'Created by: '.$tag->getAuthor().' on '.$tag->getDate()."\n"; // Gets the person associated with the tag.
echo 'Commit '.$tag->getCommit()->getSHA1()."\n"; // But this will surely always fetch the commit object to act upon.

Doing stuff with branches also is perfectly fine


// ...

$branch = $repo->getBranch('master'); // Load the master branch, returns gihp\Branch

echo "About the master branch: \n";

$branch->getName(); // "master"

echo 'Last commit by:'.$branch->getHeadCommit()->getAuthor()."\n";

$tree = $branch->getTree(); // A gihp\Tree

echo 'Contents of'."\n".$tree->getFile('');