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Twitter Browser Example

Some time ago I watched the Sproutcore Training video's presented by Greg Moeck. In part 1 of the training Greg builds the Twitter Browser. Since then we have ember.js which, as you may know, initially started as Sproutcore 2. Many concepts in this training are still applicable to ember.js and I think this still makes a good resource if you want to get started with ember.js. To get familiar with ember.js, I decided to build the Twitter Browser using ember.js.

The application uses Ruby 1.9.x and a Rails 3.2.x back-end, mainly for its asset pipeline which makes organizing your JS files extremely easy. Also, it uses the Twitter gem to retrieve user- and tweetdata from Twitter.

I'm using Ember Data to retrieve data from the server.

Getting Started

  1. Clone this repo

git clone 2. Navigate to the application directory

cd twitter_browser 3. Install the gems

bundle install 4. Create the (SQLite) database

rake db:create 5. Run the migrations

rake db:migrate 6. Start the server

rails s 7. Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000

More info

Location of JS files

Although the application uses the ember-rails gem, it only uses it for pre-compiling the handlebars templates. The required JS files for ember and ember data are built manually and located in vendor/assets/javascript. Application logic is located in app/assets/javascripts (this is the suggested location according to Rails' assets pipeline).