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eStoreManager Project

1. Structure of project

  • Source code: ./Sources/.

    • Desktop Application: ./Sources/DesktopApp
    • Server Source code: ./Sources/Server
    • QR Code Scanner: ./Sources/QRCodeScanner
  • Documents: ./Documents/.

2. How to run the project?

  • The server code was deployed to

  • To run the desktop application,

    1. Download the version for Linux x64 at
    • If you are using Linux x64, Please download

    • If you are using Windows x64, Please download

    1. Extract zip file.

    2. Run it:

    • LINUX

    Run the application by clicking eStoreManager-linux-x64/eStoreManager or type following commands to Terminal:

     cd eStoreManager-linux-x64
    • WINDOWS:

    Double click eStoreManager-win32-x64/eStoreManager.exe

3. Video demo:

Youtube link

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