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Close hooks

Close hooks is an internal feature of Vert.x useful for creating components that are notified when a Verticle or a Vertx instance is closed. It can be used for implementing automatic clean-up in verticles feature, like for a Vert.x http server.

The contract for receving a close notification is defined by the io.vertx.core.Closeable interface and its close(Handler<AsyncResult<Void>> completionHandler) method:

{@link org.vietj.vertx.closehooks.ContextCloseHook}

A Closeable instance can be registered to receive a close hook with the method The method Context#addCloseHook registers a Closeable instance to be notified when the context closes:


This is only valid for Verticles, when a Verticle is undeployed, its associated context is closed and the shutdown hooks are processed.

The component should still expose a close in its API to allow the user to close explicitly the resource, this method should call Context#removeCloseHook to remove the hook.


Likewise VertxInternal provides the same operation to receive notifications when a Vertx instance is closed.

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