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This is beanstalkd, a fast, general-purpose work queue.
See for general info.
$ make
$ ./beanstalkd
$ make 'CFLAGS=-Wall -Werror'
$ make 'CFLAGS=-Wall -Werror -g -DDEBUG'
$ make check
$ make install PREFIX=/usr/local
You might need to type "gmake"; our build requires GNU make.
Requires Linux (2.6 series or later), Mac OS X, or FreeBSD.
See doc/protocol.txt for details of the network protocol.
adm files useful for system administrators
ct testing tool; see
doc documentation
mk include files for make
pkg miscelaneous files for packagers
sh-tests tests written as shell scripts
There are two kinds of tests here: unit tests and shell tests.
== Unit Tests ==
Test functions are in *-test.c.
== Shell Tests ==
Shell tests go in the sh-tests directory and are to be written in pairs:
Each .commands file will be nc'd to beanstalkd, and the response diff'd
with the appropriate .expected file. If the response is not identical to the
.expected file, the test fails. At the moment, the test harness bails upon the
first failure, but it could easily be extended to finish the tests and print
full results.
IMPORTANT: Since beanstalkd expects \r\n line endings, you must be sure to
include those in your files. You can tell vim to do this with
:set ff=dos
Copyright 2007-2011 the authors of beanstalkd.
Copyright in contributions to beanstalkd is retained
by the original copyright holder of each contribution.
See the COPYING file for terms of use.