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Myngo: Web admin interface for MongoDB


Myngo is a web administration interface for MongoDB. It is written in Python runs on Tornado and uses jQuery on the front-end. It is released under the new BSD license.

Running Myngo

To run Myngo, you have to install Tornado and pymongo. Then just download Myngo, do $ python and go to http://localhost:8000.


For now you can view, clone, drop or repair all DBs, view, drop, rename and validate collections in each database and view some server info.


Planned features, in no particular order, heavily inspired by MongoDB docs:

  • collections: datasize, indexsize
  • indexes
  • queries - explain() output
  • security: view users, adjust
  • see replication status of slave and master
  • sharding
  • system.profile viewer ; enable disable profiling
  • curop / killop support
  • pagination
  • interactive shell
  • search box that accepts queries
  • AJAXify everything
  • improve the UI
  • options from the command line, not only
  • read from the mongod stdout and display it
  • GridFS support
  • better error handling/reporting
  • in DB listing, after a action ends, modify the table with JS (currently, there's a redirect to /, which is cheap and easy solution, but not sexy)
  • refactor the code in myngo.js as there's a lot of repetition - maybe it can be done better


Best way to reach me is by email ( I also hang out on Freenode - if you want to talk about Myngo, chat me up on #mongodb or #tornadoweb.