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What's new

Release 2012.0 (22 Apr 2012)

This is a minor release with a few clean ups. In particular, clean up the scikit-learn chapter (Lars Buitinck), more informative section titles (Gael Varoquaux), and misc fixes (Valentin Haenel, Virgile Fritsch).

Release 2011.1 (16 Oct 2011)

This release is a reworked version of the Euroscipy 2011 tutorial. Layout has been cleaned and optimized (Valentin Haenel and many others), the Traits chapter has been merged in (Didrik Pinte)

Release 2011 (1 Sept 2011)

This release is used for the Euroscipy 2011 tutorial. The numpy introductory chapter has been rewamped (Pauli Virtanen). The outline of the introductory chapters has been simplified (Gaël Varoquaux). Advanced chapters have been added: advanced Python constructs (Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek), debugging code (Gaël Varoquaux), optimizing code (Gaël Varoquaux), image processing (Emmanuelle Gouillart), scikit-learn (Fabian Pedregosa).