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Views is a creative toolset for professional product teams

  • Views Framework is our response to the complexities and silos we see and experience every day in the software delivery process
  • We're trying to simplify development to make it more inclusive for non-developers
  • We achieve simplicity through smart automation and carefully designed creative idioms and constraints
  • We noticed that when designers and product owners have access to the code-base the quality of the final solution is higher
  • Better collaboration enables knowledge transfer, designers become better at engineering and engineers better at design
  • Faster delivery and shared responibility lower the risk of faluire

We don't have everything figured out yet, but the things we've done up to now give us high confidence towards the future.

Direct benefits of Views

  • Consistent and predictable state, 
  • Easy front-end code for everyone on the team to contribute to,
  • Separation of concerns between layout and logic,
  • Full engineering flexibility,
  • Portable patterns.


To get your free public beta version of Views Tools fill out this Typeform.

Full documentation is included in Views Tools. Views Tools

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License BSD-3-Clause.
Copyright 2017 by UXtemple Ltd.