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Here's a video walkthrough of the morpher that should help you understand its internals - February 2018.

How do I debug the morpher locally?

  1. You need to symlink your local morpher to your Views project.

    • In your local instance of the morpher run yarn link in the root directory.
    • In your project where you are using Views run yarn link @viewstools/morph in the root directory.
  2. Put in your debugger statements where necessary.

  3. Run yarn prepare in the morpher directory to bundle your code.

  4. In your views project run node --inspect ./node_modules/@viewstools/morph/cli.js . --watch. This will watch your current directory. If you just want to watch a subdirectory within that you can replace the . in that command with the path to the subdirectory. And if you are working on react-native run node --inspect ./node_modules/@viewstools/morph/cli.js . --watch --as react-native

  5. In chrome open your dev tools on any tab. Click on the green icon at the top to open the node dev tools. Bingo! 🎉

  6. Everytime you make changes to the code in the morpher you'll need to run yarn prepare for those changes to be picked up by your Views project.

How do I update tests?

The tests are in __tests__/views. We are using Jest snapshot testing.

You can run all the tests with yarn test, or you can run a specific test with jest -t '<nameOfTest>'.

You can debug a specific test with node --inspect node_modules/.bin/jest --runInBand -t='<nameOfTest>'.

When you're happy with snapshot diffs you can run yarn test -u to update them all at once or you can run jest --updateSnapshot -t='<nameOfTest>' to update them individually.

All tests should be passing before you open a PR.

How do I publish a new package version to NPM?


  • login with your NPM credentials by running the following command in a terminal: npm login
  • add this entry git-tag-version=false to ~/.npmrc

For bug fixes:

yarn release:patch

For non-breaking changes:

yarn release:minor

To finally publish the package run:

npm publish

Releasing a major version:


yarn release:major

and then:

npm publish

Update the version of @viewstools/create-react-app to match the new version of the morpher (see and the template.json file in this repo to make use of the new version In addition to that, the version of @viewstools/cra-template-views should be increased to match the new major version of the morpher.

Having problems? Let us know in the Views slack channel.

Thanks! 👏