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Views Tools language morpher

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Looking for Views Tools docs?

The easiest way to integrate Views with your project is to follow this guide.

If you know what you're doing run it as a standalone command. You can install it with:

npm install --save-dev @viewstools/morph

Then, you can use it with any React or React Native app like this from within your project's folder:

# run on the src directory and morph as react-dom
views-morph src --watch --as react-dom

# run on the current directory and morph as react-native
views-morph . --watch --as react-dom

Views morphs .view files into .view.js. You may want to add those to .gitignore:


Want to contribute?

Brilliant! Check out for a step-by-step guide.

See for more info.

License BSD-Clause-3

by UXtemple

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