A neovim plugin to use vifm like netrw and NERDTree.
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Integration between vifm (the vi file manager) and neovim.



vifm >= 0.8 beta

About the Plugin

vifm is a file manager with vim key bindings. While ranger is a file manager that is vim-like in philosophy, vifm seeks to emulate vim as completely as possible in a file manager. It feels extremely natural in neovim.

This plugin is similar to NERDTree. It overrides the default file browser (netrw), so if you :edit a directory a vifm will be opened. When you open a file in vifm, it will be opened back in neovim. It also replaces netrw, the default vim file manager. You can also select multiple files and open them all at once (use v/t to select multiple files in vifm).

Do not use this plugin at the same time as NERDTree or the official vifm plugin.


To launch vifm in a sidepane, run :Vifm {folder}. In addition, any time a folder is opened using any command (such as :edit {folder}), vifm will open.

When a file is opened in vifm, it will be opened in vim.

You can perform rudimentary navigation using hjkl. Files can be opened with :edit or by pressing l while the cursor is over a file. When a non-folder file is opened in vifm, the buffer will exit and the plugin will attempt to open it in the window vifm was invoked from, or the closest window if it does not exist. To exit vifm without opening anything, enter :q or ZZ. vifm has many, many other features, which you can read about in .vifm/vifm-help.txt The power of properly learning and configuring vifm, just as you would vim, cannot be overstated.


Set the variable g:vifmSplitWidth to configure the width of the vifm side-menu.

Set the variable g:vifmLiveCwd to 1 to allow vifm to alter the active directory as it navigates.

Set the variable g:vifmUseCurrent to change vifm to the active directory on startup.

Set the variable g:vifmUseLcd to use :lcd instead of :cd to change directory.

Set the variable g:vifmFixWidth to disallow resizing of the window.

Set the variable g:vifmBufList to not list the buffer.


neovim-vifm was written by Roger Bongers. This project was forked from neovim-ranger, by Michael Hoang <enzime@users.noreply.github.com>. The original plugin is Copyright (C) 2015 Tianjiao Yin <ytj000@gmail.com>.

I have not officially forked the original repository and have instead created my own repository because this is not viable as an alternative to the original or suitable for a pull request. I have also significantly altered the program.