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Various colorschemes for vifm:

  • astrell (by astrell)
  • darkdesert (by langner)
  • Default
  • desert
  • dracula (by EgZvor)
  • dwmlight (by satsaeid)
  • g80
  • gruvbox (by laur89)
  • iceberg (by puven12)
  • lucius (by francogonzaga)
  • matrix
  • mc-like (by Petteri Knihti)
  • molokai (by Miguel Madrid Mencía)
  • near-default
  • onedark (by mroavi)
  • palenight (by mroavi)
  • ph (by pihao)
  • reicheltd-light (by reicheltd)
  • semidarkdesert (by clausED)
  • snowwhite (by durcheinandr)
  • solarized-dark
  • solarized-light (by ayroblu)
  • zenburn
  • zenburn_1 (by frgm)

The solarized-dark theme is based on istib's version.



Some distributions offer a package for vifm color schemes. In this case you can install them easily using your package manager.


zypper in vifm-colors


If you would like to have just one theme you could download it via wget, for example:

wget -P ~/.vifm/colors

If you prefer to download all themes you could set it up with git, and stay up to date.

rm -rf ~/.config/vifm/colors

git clone ~/.config/vifm/colors

To check for updates just type git pull in ~/.config/vifm/colors.

Note: replace ~/.config/vifm with ~/.vifm in commands above if you store your configuration there.


A preview of all color themes contained in this repository are available at the official vifm site.

Set a theme

Load with :colorscheme theme-name in vifm, or write colorscheme theme-name in vifm's configuration file ~/.config/vifm/vifmrc.

If you have any color themes that are not in this repo, feel free to fork, add it and send a pull request!

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