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" iceberg
" by puven12
" This colorscheme is based on iceberg colorscheme for vim
" by cocopon
highlight clear
highlight Win cterm=none ctermfg=255 ctermbg=234
highlight Directory cterm=bold ctermfg=109 ctermbg=default
highlight Link cterm=bold ctermfg=216 ctermbg=234
highlight BrokenLink cterm=bold ctermfg=red ctermbg=239
highlight Socket cterm=bold ctermfg=green ctermbg=default
highlight Device cterm=bold ctermfg=red ctermbg=default
highlight Fifo cterm=bold ctermfg=150 ctermbg=default
highlight Executable cterm=none ctermfg=150 ctermbg=default
highlight Selected cterm=none ctermfg=255 ctermbg=236
highlight CurrLine cterm=reverse
highlight TopLine cterm=none ctermfg=255 ctermbg=234
highlight TopLineSel cterm=bold ctermfg=110 ctermbg=default
highlight StatusLine cterm=none ctermfg=240 ctermbg=235
highlight WildMenu cterm=underline,reverse ctermfg=255 ctermbg=black
highlight CmdLine cterm=none ctermfg=255 ctermbg=234
highlight ErrorMsg cterm=none ctermfg=203 ctermbg=234
highlight Border cterm=none ctermfg=black ctermbg=234
highlight JobLine cterm=bold,reverse ctermfg=black ctermbg=255
highlight SuggestBox cterm=bold ctermfg=default ctermbg=default
highlight CmpMismatch cterm=bold ctermfg=255 ctermbg=red
highlight AuxWin cterm=bold,underline,reverse,standout ctermfg=default ctermbg=default