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libdvdread is a dvd reading and parsing library based on the original libdvdread. It offers some bug fixes over the original library, as well as some additional features. libdvdread-vgtmpeg is the dvd reading library used by vgtmpeg ####features

  • Reads from VIDEO_TS folder, ISO image, or folder files
  • has hooks for a possible CSS library (not included, library can't read encrypted folders)
  • full DVD navigation, titles, and chapter information.

####logging The original libdvdread lacks a proper logging mechanism and by default messages are send to stderr/stdout. libdvdread-vgtmpeg has a hook to provide your own function for logging so you can redirect all messaging from the library to your application.

The additional APIs are defined in dvd_reader.h. The relevant APIs for logging are the following:


typedef void (*dvd_reader_logf)(const char *);

dvd_reader_t *DVDOpenEx( const char *, dvd_reader_logf log, int loglevel );

Define your own dvd_reader_logf function in your user code. This function will get called to output all the log messages from inside libdvdread-vgtmpeg. The logging function is provided when you open the DVD library with DVDOpenEx. The parameter loglevel specifies the verbosity of the logging messages.

####license libdvdread-vgtmpeg is released under the GPL license

####author Alberto Vigata. Learn more about me