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Device Asset Templates

Created by Blair Culbreth (@veryblair) and the awesome team at Viget. See the Viget Inspire blog for more info:

Thanks for downloading this template set!

Read more about how to use these templates by visiting the Viget Inspire blog, Use them however you like, but please do not redistribute them on your web site without consent.

Here's a master list of templates and their dimensions included in this set:


  • 16x16 - Default
  • 32x32 - Retina

iOS Startup Screens:

  • 748x1024 - iPad Landscape
  • 768x1004 - iPad Portrait
  • 1496x2048 - Retina iPad Landscape
  • 1536x2008 - Retina iPad Portrait
  • 640x1096 - Retina iPhone 5
  • 640x920 - Retina iPhone (pre-iPhone 5)
  • 320x460 - iPhone (pre-iPhone 5)

iOS Touch Icons:

  • 152x152 - Retina iPad on iOS 7
  • 144x144 - Retina iPad on iOS 6 or earlier
  • 120x120 - Retina iPhone and iPod Touch on iOS 7
  • 114x114 - Retina iPhone and iPod Touch on iOS6 or earlier
  • 76x76 - iPad on iOS 7
  • 72x72 - iPad on iOS 6 or earlier
  • 57x57 - iPhone and iPod Touch on iOS 6 or earlier

Windows Tiles:

  • 558x558 - IE11 Large Square
  • 558x270 - IE11 Long Rectangle
  • 270x270 - IE11 Medium Square
  • 128x128 - IE11 Small Square
  • 144x144 - IE10 Icon

Code At Viget

Visit to see more projects from Viget.


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