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Robot to run locally in order to speak holiday wishes and display animated gifs

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A Jinglebot robot to speak messages and display gifs

A little guy which subscribes to a redis database, ready to speak the incoming messages, and instructing other files to display gifs and make heads talk

There is an individual branch for every office (falls_church, durham, boulder). Checkout the relevant branch for your office.


While in the project directory in the terminal, install the necessary gems (sinatra, json, aws-s3, and pony)

bundle install

You'll also need to set the following environment variables (can be found on vigesafe) for the connection to Redis as well as Viget's AWS-S3 account


Lastly, you'll need to get lame to be able to convert audio files locally.



ruby speak.rb
  • speak.rb is subscribed to a Redis db, and upon receiving messages (from twitter_listener or opens up a random gif (thanks to the display repo), makes the face of the robot talk (thanks to the talking-heads repo), and speaks the message aloud!

And to make it shut up!

In the terminal window running speak.rb


*tap it multiple times if you're impatient ;)

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