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ActiveVersioning provides out-of-the-box versioning functionality in Rails. ActiveVersioning serializes attributes when records are saved and allows for version and draft management.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'active_versioning'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install active_versioning

Once installed, generate the necessary files and run migrations:

$ rails generate active_versioning:install
$ bundle exec rake db:migrate


To set up versioning in your Rails app, include the following module in each model you'd like to version:

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
  include ActiveVersioning::Model::Versioned

Working with Drafts

ActiveVersioning::Model::Versioned provides a number of methods for accessing and working with versions.

To access the current draft of a record, use...

draft = post.current_draft

This returns a proxy object to a draft version of the record, so you can treat it like the post itself -- making changes and either saving or updating.

draft.title = 'New Title'

# or..

draft.update(title: 'New Title')

Both save and update will make changes to the draft version of the post.

When you are ready to overwrite the record with its draft, use...

draft.commit(committer: 'Bob', commit_message: 'Update post title.')

This changes our post's attributes to match those of the draft and then marks the draft as a committed version.

If you want to throw away a draft:


Working with Versions

A draft is just a version with a particular state. To access all the versions for a particular record, use...

post.versions              # => All versions, whether the version state is 'create', 'draft', or 'commit'
post.versions.draft        # => All draft versions
post.versions.committed    # => All non-draft versions
post.versions.newest_first # => All versions starting with the most recently created

You can use any existing version to create a new draft:

old_version = post.versions.committed.first


This will set post.current_draft's attributes to the attributes stored in the given version's record. Returns boolean based on the save's success.

Capturing Version Metadata

In addition to manually committing a version with a committer and commit message...

post.current_draft.commit(committer: 'Bob', commit_message: 'Update post title.')

ActiveVersioning provides a version_author accessor on any versioned model, so you can capture the author for a record's initial create:

post = Post.create(title: 'Title', body: 'Body text.', version_author: 'Bob')

post.versions.first.version_author # => 'Bob'

Viewing and Modifying Versioned Attributes

If you want to see the attributes the are versioned, use...

post.versioned_attributes # => { 'id' => 1, 'title' => 'Default Title' }

By default, ActiveVersioning blacklists the following attributes:

ActiveVersioning::VersionManager::BLACKLISTED_ATTRIBUTES = %w(

If you require additional versioned attributes, overwrite the versioned_attribute_names method in your model:

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base

  def versioned_attribute_names
   super + %w(photo_id)

Handling Incompatible Versions

In the case of a versioned model that undergoes a schema change, all previous versions may reference attributes that no longer exist.

In ActiveVersioning, we consider these incompatible versions. An attempt to create a draft from an incompatible version will raise an error:

incompatible_version = post.versions.committed.last

# => { 'deleted_attribute' => value }

# => ActiveVersioning::Errors::IncompatibleVersion:
# The given version contains attributes that are no longer compatible with the current schema: deleted_attribute.

When rescued, the error object contains a reference to the record and the incompatible version:

rescue ActiveVersioning::Errors::IncompatibleVersion => error
  error.record  # => our `post` record
  error.version # => our `incompatible_version`

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