A delicious blend of gulp tasks combined into a configurable asset pipeline and static site builder
maoueh and benjtinsley Fixed process.cwd() changes and reverted previous fixes
Changing from `--gulpfile node_modules/blendid/gulpfile.js` to
`--gulpfile node_modules/blendid/gulpfile.js/index.js` had the unintended
consequence of making the `process.cwd()` not the same being one directory
lower than before.

As such, a workaround fix was performed in 19e4825 & 538c85c to make
blendid assets now relative one level lower also.

This was not a proper fix and instead, the `bin/blendid` script has been
updated to use one level lower by pointing to the previous directory
directly instead of pointing to the main file of the directory. Previous
modifications of previous workaround were reverted.

As part of testing, fixed a bunch of small globbing problem with Gulp like
.gitkeep files not copied or some other files not ignored correctly.
Latest commit 6a29c48 Jan 20, 2018



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Blendid (formerly known as Gulp Starter) is a delicious stand-alone blend of tasks and build tools poured into Gulp to form a full-featured modern asset pipeline. It can be used as-is as a static site builder, or can be configured and integrated into your own development environment and site or app structure.

Quick start on a fresh project (empty directory)

yarn init
yarn add blendid
yarn run blendid -- init
yarn run blendid

This will create default src and config files in your directory and start compiling and live-updating files! Try editing them and watch your browser auto-update!


Full documentation is available on the Wiki

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