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mcary commented Jul 12, 2011

Merge rainerfrey's contribution (the only outstanding contribution with test coverage) into mine and resolve conflicts. Evidently everyone's tweaks all touch the same line: the one with the rsync command.

rainerfrey and others added some commits Apr 19, 2011

@rainerfrey rainerfrey only specify a -p option to ssh when the port is explicitly set or no…
…t default. This causes rsync to honor .ssh/config entries automatically.
@mcary mcary Rollback the deploy instead of continuing when rsync fails
When rsync fails, I'm getting a deploy that looks like it went fine
except for an inconspicuous message saying that rsync failed and a
production deployment that's still on the old code version.  Sometimes I
don't notice right away that the new code is not actually live, and this
is a big problem.

I'd like to see a clear error message when rsync fails.

Raise an exception of rsync fails to any of the servers receiving a code
@mcary mcary Add support for Capistrano's :gateway variable to rsync invocation
When running rsync, the RsyncWithRemoteCache strategy doesn't heed
Capistrano's :gateway parameter, which says to SSH to the server
named by that parameter before connecting to the target server.

Add support for a gateway by using the ProxyCommand SSH directive.
Assume netcat is installed as nc on the target system.
@mcary mcary Merge branches 'add-gateway-support' and 'rollback-on-rsync-failure' 4d01750
@mcary mcary Merge remote branch 'rainerfrey/ssh_default_port'
        Keep both rainerfrey's and mcary's changes to the rsync command.

reagent commented Oct 17, 2014

This commit addresses the port issue. I'll take a look through the rest of these commits -- there's been enough churn bringing this gem up-to-date, that your PR will no longer apply cleanly to master.

Thanks for submitting this -- sorry for the delay. Better late than never I guess?


reagent commented Oct 21, 2014

I resolved #9 and will address #12 separately -- closing this one out.

reagent closed this Oct 21, 2014

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