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Install coffeescript globally, then install all dependencies:

npm install coffee-script -g
npm install

Fetch the data

coffee fetch/

This will trigger a very large set of requests, so if you just want to build a little sample data, run:

coffee fetch/ --sample

Process the data

coffee process/

View the data



  • This project was designed as an experiment, not a product or polished tool, so gets pretty gross in some places. Hold your nose and keep going.
  • The GitHub API request limit is 5000, and Checkoning doesn't do anything special to get around this limit. If you hit 5000 requests while running the fetch script, it just won't work. If you find this happening, you may want to adjust the fetch scripts to remove pagination, or trim the number of repos/PRs you examine.
  • By default, checkoning only looks at private repos.
  • Checkoning was written and tuned for Viget's FED and dev teams, meaning that it might not look great with smaller or larger teams. Tweak the values in output/js/visualizations manually to get better results.


When you run the fetch command, you'll be prompted to enter your GitHub username, your password, your organization name, and your team ID (an integer).

If you get tired of doing this repeatedly, you can make a .config.json file in the following format:

	"username": "my_username",
	"password": "password123",
	"organization": "companyname",
	"team": 12345

Then, run the script with the --config flag.

coffee fetch/ --config

One way to find your team ID is visit your team's GitHub page in the browser and enter $('.js-team-id').data('id') in the console.

Code At Viget

Visit to see more projects from Viget.


Visualizating team PR interactions



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