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Hurl was created for the Rails Rumble 2009 in 48 hours. Now Hurl is an open source project for your enjoyment.

This Fork

  • benatkin forked hurl to work on Heroku & CouchDB.
  • localtoast forked it to make it single user.
  • brianjlandau changed some of the copy & removed the examples and added HTTP Basic auth for creating and deleting hurls.


Hurl requires Ruby 1.8.6+

First download hurl and cd into the directory:

git clone git://
cd hurl

Or download the zip.

Next make sure you have RubyGems installed.

Then install Bundler:

gem install bundler

Now install Hurl's dependencies:

bundle install

Run On Heroku & CouchDB

First get a CouchDB database and get the url, including auth. I got my DB from Cloudant.

git clone git://
cd hurl
heroku create my-clever-name --stack cedar
heroku addons:add cloudant:oxygen
git push heroku master

Now you can go to