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A demo app for tutorial
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Is It Viget is a small ML-driven demo project created for two articles:

This readme covers managing and updating the app. To learn more about building the app, read the articles above!


  1. Development
  2. The Model
  3. Design Notes


Open the /ios directory in Xcode to work on the app.

The Model


  • Open Xcode, then go to Xcode > Open Developer Tool > Create ML
  • Inside Create ML, open model/VigetLogoClassifier.mlproj
  • Click "Add"
  • Set your new classifier's input to model/data
  • Set "maximum iterations" to 40
  • Click "Train"
  • Once finished:
    • Drag the file from "Output" out onto your Desktop
    • Rename it to VigetLogoClassifier.mlmodel
    • Import it into Xcode, replacing the existing model

If you want to test your model before adding it to the app, do the following after the "Add" step:

  • Before dragging /models/data over, remove ~30 images from each directory and move them to a data-testing folder with the same structure.
  • Select this folder as your "Test Data"
  • Continue the training steps

Updating the training data

Images are scaled down significantly when training, so you can safely shrink them before this step to save on file size. This requires installing imagemagick on your computer.

To add data to the training set, do the following:

  • Add your photos to model/data/VigetLogo or model/data/NotViget
  • Run ./bin/resize-model-images. This does two things:
    • Resizes all images to rectangles measuring 299px on the smallest side, and if not already a JPG, saves a new copy as a JPG
    • Deletes all non-JPG files from the directory.

Note that images imported into the Create ML project are automatically cropped to square — your logo must be in the center square of the image. To quickly check that your images are correct:

  • Run ./bin/test-model-image-crop
  • Open the ./model/data-cropped/VigetLogo folder and visually review images. This folder is gitignored and replaced each time you run the command, so don't worry about deleting it after.

Design notes

Files and exports

The design file design/IsItViget.afdesign can be opened with Affinity Designer.

All artboards have been exported to design/exports as PDFs, and slices should already be set up with the correct configs.


The three fonts used are:

You'll need to install these before opening the .afdesign file.

App Icon

Export the AppIcon slice from Affinity Designer (1024x1024, JPG) and use to generate the app icon.

  • Uncheck everything except "iPhone" and "iPad"
  • Upload the icon
  • Click "Generate"
  • Open the ZIP to find the AppIcon.appiconset folder
  • In Xcode, open the Assets.xcassets folder and delete the existing AppIcon.
  • Drag the AppIcon.appiconset folder into your assets.
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