Transport elements to other containers based upon media queries.
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jQuery Transport

Easily move elements between containers with media queries.

Uses matchMedia, if supported, or Paul Irish's polyfill to move elements on resize.




jQuery.Transport looks for the following pattern in a data-transport attribute of an html element:

<div data-transport="[media query key]![selector]|[media query key]![selector]...(and so on)"></div>


You can alias media queries by passing an object into the plugin creation method:

    mobile: '(max-width: 500px)'
    tablet: '(max-width: 1024px)'

With the matching html:

<main id="main"></main>
<footer id="footer"></footer>
<aside id="sidebar">

    <!-- The Important Stuff -->
    <div data-transport="tablet!#main|mobile!#footer">
            Breakdown: at tablet, screen and (max-width: 1024px), this is transported to $("#main").
            At mobile, screen and (max-width: 500px), this is transported to $("#footer").



View this repo's demo page.

Setup development and run tests

brew install phantomjs
npm test

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