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Integration Atom IDE with PlatformIO
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Integration with PlatformIO an open source ecosystem for IoT development. Cross-platform code builder and library manager. Continuous and IDE integration. Arduino and MBED compatible. Ready for Cloud compiling.

Atmel AVR & SAM, Espressif, Freescale Kinetis, Nordic nRF51, NXP LPC, Silicon Labs EFM32, ST STM32, TI MSP430 & Tiva, Teensy, Arduino, mbed, libOpenCM3, ESP8266, etc.


  1. Install PlatformIO
  2. Set the Environment PATH package setting with the result of echo $PATH (Unix) / echo %PATH% (Windows).
  3. Create a PlatformIO project using platformio init command:
  • Create empty directory for the new project (Unix mkdir my-project; cd my-project)
  • platformio init --board=TYPE, where TYPE can be found in Embedded Boards Explorer
  1. Place your source files to src directory
  2. Open any file from src directory and then Build/Upload.

Note! If you have an error Program "platformio" not found in PATH, please specify "Environment PATH to run platformio" in settings.


Verify your code can compile with cmd-shift-B:



Plug your board in and cmd-shift-U:


Upload using Programmer

Plug your board in and cmd-shift-P. Please make sure to read Upload using Programmer for Atmel AVR first.

Upload SPIFFS firmware

Plug your board in and cmd-shift-F. Please make sure to read Uploading files to file system SPIFFS for ESP8266 first.

Kill Process

You can kill a process anytime with cmd-shift-k


  • Environment PATH to run platformio: Defaults to PATH from current Atom session. Paste here result of echo $PATH (Unix) / echo %PATH% (Windows) command by typing into your terminal.

  • Verbose Builds: Default behavior is to only show build output if there is an error. Check this if you want to see all build output.

  • Verbose Uploads: Default behavior is to show all upload output. Uncheck this if you only want to see output if there is an error.



This package has atom-script to thank for it's good looks

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