Grab all the media from your pull requests
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Grab all the media from your PRs

Run npm install prchive -g, then prchive to start. Point PRchive at a project you have access to, and it'll grab all linked files and images from the project's pull requests and save them in a dir that looks like this:

The leading number before each filename is the PR number. PRchive also include a list of the original URLs, an HTML with images src-ing those URLs, and another page of images pointing to the local copies.


Run npm run prepublish && node lib/test.js to test the script while in development. Create a file called .config.json in the root to save on typing time, and fill it with your credentials like this:

  "username" : "averyvery",
  "password" : "password",
  "repo"     : "vigetlabs/prchive"

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