A React component for adding material design style ink
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Add the Material Design ripple effect to React component.

Ink Gif


Ink must be placed within another component with a position is not static (so relative, fixed, or absolute).

import React from 'react'
import Ink from 'react-ink'

const InkeyButton () => {
  return (
    <button style={{ position: "relative" }}>
      <Ink />

There are several options available for how <Ink /> renders, see the getDefaultProps() declaration, however descriptions follow:


  background : true,      // When true, pressing the ink will cause the background to fill with the current color
  duration   : 1000,      // Duration of the full animation completion
  opacity    : 0.25,      // The opacity of the ink blob
  radius     : 150,       // The size of the effect, will not exceed bounds of containing element
  recenter   : true,      // When true, recenter will pull ink towards the center of the containing element
  style      : {...},     // See src/style.js. Any rules set here will extend these values
  hasTouch   : true|false // Override internal hasTouch detection

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