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A simple dashboard of records created this week, this month, and all time, mountable as a Rails Engine.

Basic Configuration

  1. Add gem to Gemfile:

    gem 'stat_board'
  2. Mount engine (in config/routes.rb):

    YourApp::Application.routes.draw do
      mount StatBoard::Engine, :at => "/stats"
  3. Configure models (in config/initializers/stat_board.rb):

    StatBoard.models = [User, Post, Comment]

Models can also be listed as strings if you encounter any loading order issues.

Additonal Configuration

In config/initializers/stat_board.rb:

  1. Title

    StatBoard.title = "YourApp Stats"
  2. Basic Authentication

    StatBoard.username = "user"
    StatBoard.password = "pass"


Happily accepting contributions to improve StatBoard. To contribute, fork, add your thing, add some specs, and send a pleasantly worded pull request.

StatBoard is released under the MIT License. See MIT-LICENSE for further details.

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