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Code Climate

This is small Sinatra app for managing a set of monit checks on remote web sites.

It allows you specify the URL you want to monitor, text that should be on the page, how many failure cycles are required for to report as the site being down, and an email address to send the alert to.

There is a very basic web interface that allows to to create and edit which sites you're monitoring and reports on the status of the sites you're monitoring.



  1. Copy config/database.example.yml to config/database.yml and fill in the correct settings

  2. Copy config/settings.example.yml to config/settings.yml and fill in the correct settings

  3. Copy config/deploy.example.rb to config/deploy.rb and make the necessary changes

  4. Add this line to your monit control file:

    include /path/to/watch-dog/monitrc/**/*.monitrc

Copyright (c) 2009 Viget Labs. See LICENSE for details.