Gesture detection with Kinect+OpenNI+Unity3D
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This project is aiming at detecting gestures and training user-defined gesture templates. The “gesture” here means a position OR a motion of the joints of body.

The function is provided in a package for Unity3D platform. It reads skeleton data from MS Kinect or similar motion capture devices. To acquire skeleton data, we uses OpenNI 1.5.4 because it is an open source library. You can change it to OpenNI 2.x or MS Kinect SDK.

The algorithm of the program is a simple template matching one. It splits a gesture into several key postures. When these postures are detected successively, then the gesture event is triggered.

When training gesture templates, we use Unity3D to display a 3D avatar. If you do not want to use Unity3D, you can make use of the c# scripts in “GestureScripts” folder.