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# This is a ready-made menu configuration file that replicates ne's built-in
# menus.
MENU "File"
ITEM "Open... ^O" Open
ITEM "Open New... [N" OpenNew
ITEM "Save ^S" Save
ITEM "Save As... " SaveAs
ITEM "Quit Now [Q" Quit
ITEM "Save&Exit [X" Exit
ITEM "About " About
MENU "Documents"
ITEM "New ^D" NewDoc
ITEM "Clear " Clear
ITEM "Close ^Q" CloseDoc
ITEM "Next f2/[D" NextDoc
ITEM "Prev f3" PrevDoc
ITEM "Select... f4" SelectDoc
MENU "Edit"
ITEM "Mark Block ^B" Mark
ITEM "Cut ^X" Cut
ITEM "Copy ^C" Copy
ITEM "Paste ^V" Paste
ITEM "Mark Vert ^@" MarkVert
ITEM "Paste Vert ^W" PasteVert
ITEM "Through [T" Through
ITEM "Erase " Erase
ITEM "Delete EOL [Y" DeleteEOL
ITEM "Delete Line ^Y" DeleteLine
ITEM "Undel Line ^U" UndelLine
ITEM "Del Prev Word " DeletePrevWord
ITEM "Del Next Word " DeleteNextWord
ITEM "Open Clip [O" OpenClip
ITEM "Save Clip [S" SaveClip
MENU "Search"
ITEM "Find... ^F" Find
ITEM "Find RegExp... ^_" FindRegExp
ITEM "Replace... ^R" Replace
ITEM "Replace Once... " ReplaceOnce
ITEM "Replace All... " ReplaceAll
ITEM "Repeat Last ^G" RepeatLast
ITEM "Goto Line... ^J" GotoLine
ITEM "Goto Col... [J" GotoColumn
ITEM "Goto Mark " GotoMark
ITEM "Match Bracket ^]" MatchBracket
ITEM "Set Bookmark [K" SetBookmark
ITEM "Goto Bookmark [G" GotoBookmark
MENU "Macros"
ITEM "Start/Stop Rec ^T" Record
ITEM "Play Once f9/[M" Play 1
ITEM "Play Many... " Play
ITEM "Play Macro... " Macro
ITEM "Open Macro... " OpenMacro
ITEM "Save Macro... " SaveMacro
MENU "Extras"
ITEM "Exec... ^K" Exec
ITEM "Suspend ^Z" Suspend
ITEM "Help... f10" Help
ITEM "Refresh ^L" Refresh
ITEM "Undo f5/[U" Undo
ITEM "Redo f6/[R" Redo
ITEM "Center " Center
ITEM "Shift Right " Shift
ITEM "Shift Left " Shift <
ITEM "Paragraph [P" Paragraph
ITEM "ToUpper [V" ToUpper
ITEM "ToLower [L" ToLower
ITEM "Capitalize " Capitalize
ITEM "AutoComplete [I" AutoComplete
MENU "Navigation"
ITEM "Move Left " MoveLeft
ITEM "Move Right " MoveRight
ITEM "Line Up " LineUp
ITEM "Line Down " LineDown
ITEM "Prev Page ^P" PrevPage
ITEM "Next Page ^N" NextPage
ITEM "Page Up " PageUp
ITEM "Page Down " PageDown
ITEM "Start Of File [A" MoveSOF
ITEM "End Of File [E" MoveEOF
ITEM "Start Of Line ^A" MoveSOL
ITEM "End Of Line ^E" MoveEOL
ITEM "Top Of Screen " MoveTOS
ITEM "Bottom Of Screen" MoveBOS
ITEM "Adjust View ^^" AdjustView
ITEM "Middle View [C" AdjustView M
ITEM "Incr Up Home" MoveIncUp
ITEM "Incr Down End" MoveIncDown
ITEM "Prev Word f7/[B" PrevWord
ITEM "Next Word f8/[F" NextWord
MENU "Prefs"
ITEM "Tab Size... " TabSize
ITEM "Tabs/Spaces " Tabs
ITEM "Insert/Over Ins" Insert
ITEM "Free Form " FreeForm
ITEM "Status Bar " StatusBar
ITEM "Hex Code " HexCode
ITEM "Fast GUI " FastGUI
ITEM "Word Wrap [W" WordWrap
ITEM "Right Margin " RightMargin
ITEM "Auto Indent " AutoIndent
ITEM "Request Order " RequestOrder
ITEM "Preserve CR " PreserveCR
ITEM "Load Prefs... " LoadPrefs
ITEM "Save Prefs... " SavePrefs
ITEM "Load Auto Prefs " LoadAutoPrefs
ITEM "Save Auto Prefs " SaveAutoPrefs
ITEM "Save Def Prefs " SaveDefPrefs