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+Review Board 1.5 Beta 2 Release Notes
+**Release date**: May 13, 2010
+This release contains all bug fixes and features found in
+Review Board versions :doc:`1.0.6 <1.0.6>`, :doc:`1.0.7 <1.0.7>` and
+:doc:`1.0.8 <1.0.8>`.
+New Features
+* Added support for custom site-specific management commands.
+ Review Board today provides a few management commands, invoked by
+ running :samp:`rb-site manage {/path/to/site} {commandname}`. These
+ were limited to the commands we bundled, but now administrators can
+ write custom commands that they can invoke, which have access to the
+ Review Board database and other internals. This can be useful for
+ automation scripts.
+ To make use of this, see the `Django custom django-admin commands`_
+ documentation and place the scripts in the :file:`{sitedir}/commands`
+ directory. You will need to create this directory if
+ it does not exist.
+.. _`Django custom django-admin commands`:
+* Set the HOME directory for Review Board to be he site directory's
+ :file:`data` directory by default.
+ The :envvar:`HOME` environment variable now points to the newly created
+ :file:`{sitedir}/data` directory. If you're using Apache, then this only
+ happens with new web server configuration files, but can be added by hand
+ to existing configurations.
+ This is mainly useful for SSH and HTTPS host and certificate verification,
+ so that there's a known good place to write the host and certificate files
+ to. Previously, for this feature, users would have to manually set their
+ web server's user to have a writable home directory, which was sometimes
+ difficult to do.
+ This new :file:`{sitedir}/data` directory is also the default directory for
+ the SQLite database on new installations.
+* Multiple review requests can now be closed or reopened at once by
+ administrations in the administration UI's database browser.
+* Added a new REST API.
+ The new API is much like the old one, but is cleaner, more browseable
+ (as opposed to having to know and hard-code all the URLs in the client)
+ and makes extensive use of existing HTTP methods and error codes. The API
+ lives in ``/api/``.
+ The old REST API is deprecated, but won't go away in this release.
+ The new features included with this API are:
+ * A more consistent interface. Creation of objects are always done by a
+ HTTP POST to a list of resources. Updating is done by a HTTP PUT to an
+ object resource. Deleting is done by a HTTP DELETE to an object
+ resource.
+ * Authentication is now done exclusively by using HTTP Basic Auth.
+ * Lists of review requests or other objects are now paginated to reduce
+ load on the client and the server.
+ * Review requests can be filtered by multiple types of criteria, such as
+ lists of reviewers, the repository, and more.
+ * Every resource in the API now points to child resources and other related
+ resources by way of hyperlinks in the resulting payload. This makes the
+ entire API resource tree browseable by any client.
+ There isn't yet any documentation for this API, but that will be added
+ before the final 1.5 release.
+Usability Improvements
+* Added a resize grip to the comment dialog in the diff viewer and screenshot
+ page.
+* Comment flags in the diff viewer now cover te entire range of lines that the
+ comment was made on, making it more obvious at a glance. (:bug:`1131`)
+* Comment flags in the diff viewer no longer overwrap the line numbers.
+* The User Permissions list in the administration UI are now vertically
+ stacked, making it possible to see the full permission names instead of
+ only part of the permission names. (:bug:`1520`)
+* Added the Review Board logo to the administration UI, which links back to
+ the main Review Board site. (:bug:`1299`)
+* Improved the rb-site installer UI.
+ The installer now has a Review Board logo and window icon, some better
+ separation between parts of the UI, and renames the :guilabel:`Forward`
+ button to :guilabel:`Next`.
+* The organization of forms in the database browser in the administration
+ UI has greatly improved.
+ The fields that should generally not be modified (such as internal state)
+ have moved to sections that are collapsed by default. The other fields have
+ been better organized.
+ Some fields that used to load hundreds or thousands of entries for selecting
+ one object now just display the ID of the entry which, when clicked, allow
+ for browsing for the new entry. There's usually no reason to change these
+ fields, but this change reduces the complexity of the site and the time
+ spent loading the pages.
+ Many of the lists of entries are now searchable, filterable, and have better
+ default sorting.
+Bugs Fixed
+* The Upload Diff dialog wasn't showing File Not Found errors when the patch
+ referenced an invalid file. (:bug:`821`)
+* E-mail failures are now logged to the Review Board log file, instead of
+ displaying an HTTP Error 500 page. (:bug:`872`)
+* The Expand link in the diff viewer was showing a JavaScript error when
+ clicked. Patch by Laurent Nicolas. (:bug:`1500`)
+* Starring or unstarring groups was broken. (:bug:`1538`)
+* HTML e-mails didn't preserve formatting for comments. Patch by Laurent
+ Nicolas. (:bug:`1569`)
+* Comments made in sections of the diff viewer that are normally collapsed
+ were not visible when expanding that section. Patch by Laurent Nicolas.
+ (:bug:`1577`)
+* Multi-line comments in the review form would cause breakages and failure
+ to load parts of the form. Patch by Laurent Nicolas. (:bug:`1636`)
+* The group counts in the dashboard were wrong. Patch by Laurent Nicolas.
+* Screenshot comments were off by one pixel. A comment created at 0,0 would
+ be saved as being at 1,1.
+* The :guilabel:`Discard Review` button was causing the page to redirect to
+ an invalid URL when clicked.
+* The maximum length of repository paths were only 128 characters long,
+ which was too short for some repositories. Increased the maximum length to
+ 255 characters. Patch by Christian Hammond and Chris Trimble.
+* The Repository column in the dashboard no longer wraps.
+* Starring a review request on the review request page and then reloading
+ no longer shows the review request as unstarred. This was due to a caching
+ issue.
+* Christian Hammond
+* Chris Trimble
+* David Trowbridge
+* Laurent Nicolas
+* Mike Conley
+.. comment: vim: ft=rst et
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.. toctree::
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+ 1.5-beta-2
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# (Major, Minor, Micro, Patch, alpha/beta/rc/final, Release Number, Released)
-VERSION = (1, 5, 0, 0, 'beta', 2, False)
+VERSION = (1, 5, 0, 0, 'beta', 2, True)
def get_version_string():
@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ def finalize_options(self):
- 'Djblets>=0.6.0',
+ 'Djblets>=0.6.1',

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