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LaTeX package to typeset nice looking "angles" in actuarial and financial notation
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This project moved to GitLab. Starting 2018-07-26, files in this repository are no longer maintained.


Package actuarialangle provides commands to typeset the "angle" symbol denoting a duration in actuarial notation, such as in symbols for the present value of certain or life annuities, and an over angle bracket used to emphasize joint status in symbols of life contingencies.


LaTeX Project Public License, version 1.3c or (at your option) any later version.


Vincent Goulet, based on code from an unknown author for \actuarialangle and friends.


The package is part of TeX Live and MiKTeX. If it is not already installed on your system, run actuarialangle.dtx through LaTeX with, for example,

pdflatex actuarialangle.dtx

and copy actuarialangle.sty where LaTeX can find it.


File actuarialangle.pdf contains the complete documentation of the package. If needed, the documentation can be generated from the sources using the following commands:

pdflatex actuarialangle.dtx
makeindex -s -o actuarialangle.gls actuarialangle.glo
pdflatex actuarialangle.dtx

Version history

See the documentation.