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(deftype sendbuf-small-integer ()
'(unsigned-byte 24))
(declaim (inline make-sendbuf))
(defstruct sendbuf
(head nil :type list) ; a list of simple byte-vectors
(tail nil :type list)
(num-bufs 0 :type sendbuf-small-integer)
(len 0 :type sendbuf-small-integer)
(offset 0 :type sendbuf-small-integer))
(my-defun sendbuf to-byte-vector ()
(the simple-byte-vector
(if (not (cdr (my head)))
(if (my head) (the simple-byte-vector (car (my head))) (force-byte-vector nil))
(let ((result (make-byte-vector (+ (my len) (my offset)))) (i 0))
(declare (type fixnum i))
(loop for s in (my head) do
(loop for c of-type (unsigned-byte 8) across (the simple-byte-vector s) do
(setf (aref result i) c)
(incf i)))
(my-defun sendbuf add-simple (buf)
(declare (type simple-byte-vector buf))
(unless (zerop (length buf))
(incf (my num-bufs))
(incf (my len) (the sendbuf-small-integer (length buf)))
(let ((n (cons buf nil)))
(cond ((my head)
(setf (cdr (my tail)) n
(my tail) n))
(t (setf (my head) n
(my tail) n))))))
(my-defun sendbuf add (x)
(typecase x
(my add-simple x))
(my merge x))
(my add-simple (force-simple-byte-vector x))))
(my-defun sendbuf merge (other)
(declare (dynamic-extent other))
((my head)
(setf (cdr (my tail)) (sendbuf-head other))
(when (sendbuf-tail other)
(setf (my tail) (sendbuf-tail other))))
(t (setf (my head) (sendbuf-head other)
(my tail) (sendbuf-tail other))))
(incf (my len) (sendbuf-len other))
(incf (my num-bufs) (sendbuf-num-bufs other))
(setf (sendbuf-num-bufs other) 0
(sendbuf-head other) nil
(sendbuf-tail other) nil
(sendbuf-len other) 0)
(defmacro with-sendbuf-continue ((var) &body body &environment env)
,@(loop for form in (merge-constant-arguments body :join 'byte-vector-cat :env env)
(typecase form
(null nil)
(when (length form)
`(sendbuf-add-simple ,var ,form)))
`(sendbuf-add ,var
(defmacro with-sendbuf ((&optional (var (gensym "sendbuf"))) &body body)
(check-symbols var)
`(let ((,var (make-sendbuf)))
(with-sendbuf-continue (,var)
(my-defun sendbuf done ()
(debug-assert (eq (not (my head)) (zerop (my len))) (me))
(not (my head)))
(my-defun sendbuf check-done (con finished my-call)
((my done)
(setf (my tail) nil)
(funcall finished))
(con-when-ready-to-write con my-call))))
(my-defun sendbuf shift-up (s)
(declare (type sendbuf-small-integer s))
(debug-assert (>= (my len) s) (me s))
(decf (my len) s)
(incf s (my offset))
(setf (my offset) 0)
(loop until (zerop s)
(debug-assert (my head) (me s))
(let ((buf (car (my head))))
(declare (type simple-byte-vector buf))
((>= s (length buf))
(decf s (length buf))
(decf (my num-bufs))
(setf (my head)
(cdr (my head))))
(setf (my offset) s)
#- (and) ;; broken
(my-defun sendbuf send-write-piece-by-piece (con done)
(loop for buf of-type simple-byte-vector = (car (my head))
for tmp-buf = (make-displaced-vector buf :start (my offset)) then buf
(let ((s (socket-write (con-socket con) tmp-buf)))
(declare (type (or null sendbuf-small-integer) s))
(when s
(decf (my len) s)
(cond ((> (length tmp-buf) s)
(setf (my offset) s)
(setf (my head) (cdr (my head))
(my offset) 0)
(decf (my num-bufs))
(my head))))))
(my check-done con done #'my-call))
(my-defun sendbuf send-write (con done)
(let ((buf (my to-byte-vector)))
(declare (dynamic-extent buf))
(let ((s (socket-write (con-socket con) buf (my offset))))
(declare (type (or null sendbuf-small-integer) s))
(when s
(my shift-up s))))
(my check-done con done #'my-call))
(my-defun sendbuf send-writev (con done)
(unless (my done)
(let ((count (min +max-iovecs+ (my num-bufs))))
(declare (type (integer 0 #.+max-iovecs+) count))
(cffi:with-foreign-object (vecs 'iovec count)
(loop for i below count
for buf of-type simple-byte-vector in (my head)
for offset fixnum = (my offset) then 0
(with-pointer-to-vector-data (ptr buf)
(cffi:with-foreign-slots ((base len) (cffi:mem-aref vecs 'iovec i) iovec)
(setf base (cffi:inc-pointer ptr offset))
(setf len (- (length buf) offset)))))
(let ((s (socket-writev (con-socket con) vecs count)))
(declare (type (or null sendbuf-small-integer) s))
(when s
(my shift-up s))))))
(my check-done con done #'my-call))
(my-defun sendbuf 'print-object (stream)
(cond (*print-readably* (call-next-method))
(t (write (force-string (my to-byte-vector)) :stream stream))))
(my-defun sendbuf empty ()
(not (my head)))
(my-defun sendbuf 'make-load-form (&optional env)
(declare (ignore env))
`(with-sendbuf ()
,(my to-byte-vector)))
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