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(deftype syscall-return-integer ()
#+linux (pushnew :tpd2-linux *features*)
#+CLC-OS-DEBIAN (pushnew :tpd2-linux *features*)
#+freebsd (pushnew :tpd2-freebsd *features*))
;;; A simple syscall is one which returns -1 on error and sticks the
;;; error in *errno* (of course, this is just the glibc interface to
;;; the syscall).
(defmacro with-foreign-object-and-slots ((slots var type-unquoted) &body body)
`(cffi:with-foreign-object (,var ',type-unquoted)
(cffi:with-foreign-slots (,slots ,var ,type-unquoted)
(defmacro syscall-error-number (symbol number description)
`(defconstant ,symbol ,number
(syscall-error-number +EPERM+ 1 "Operation not permitted")
(syscall-error-number +ENOENT+ 2 "No such file or directory")
(syscall-error-number +ESRCH+ 3 "No such process")
(syscall-error-number +EINTR+ 4 "Interrupted system call")
(syscall-error-number +EIO+ 5 "I/O error")
(syscall-error-number +ENXIO+ 6 "No such device or address")
(syscall-error-number +E2BIG+ 7 "Argument list too long")
(syscall-error-number +ENOEXEC+ 8 "Exec format error")
(syscall-error-number +EBADF+ 9 "Bad file number")
(syscall-error-number +ECHILD+ 10 "No child processes")
(syscall-error-number +EAGAIN+ 11 "Try again")
(syscall-error-number +ENOMEM+ 12 "Out of memory")
(syscall-error-number +EACCES+ 13 "Permission denied")
(syscall-error-number +EFAULT+ 14 "Bad address")
(syscall-error-number +ENOTBLK+ 15 "Block device required")
(syscall-error-number +EBUSY+ 16 "Device or resource busy")
(syscall-error-number +EEXIST+ 17 "File exists")
(syscall-error-number +EXDEV+ 18 "Cross-device link")
(syscall-error-number +ENODEV+ 19 "No such device")
(syscall-error-number +ENOTDIR+ 20 "Not a directory")
(syscall-error-number +EISDIR+ 21 "Is a directory")
(syscall-error-number +EINVAL+ 22 "Invalid argument")
(syscall-error-number +ENFILE+ 23 "File table overflow")
(syscall-error-number +EMFILE+ 24 "Too many open files")
(syscall-error-number +ENOTTY+ 25 "Not a typewriter")
(syscall-error-number +ETXTBSY+ 26 "Text file busy")
(syscall-error-number +EFBIG+ 27 "File too large")
(syscall-error-number +ENOSPC+ 28 "No space left on device")
(syscall-error-number +ESPIPE+ 29 "Illegal seek")
(syscall-error-number +EROFS+ 30 "Read-only file system")
(syscall-error-number +EMLINK+ 31 "Too many links")
(syscall-error-number +EPIPE+ 32 "Broken pipe")
(syscall-error-number +EDOM+ 33 "Math argument out of domain of func")
(syscall-error-number +ERANGE+ 34 "Math result not representable")
(syscall-error-number +EINPROGRESS+ 115 "Operation now in progress"))
(syscall-error-number +EAGAIN+ 35 "Try again")
(syscall-error-number +EINTR+ 4 "Interrupted system call")
(syscall-error-number +EINPROGRESS+ 36 "Operation now in progress"))
(cffi:defcstruct (sockaddr_in :size 16)
(family :uint16)
(port :uint16)
(addr :uint32))
(cffi:defcstruct (sockaddr_in :size 16)
(len :uint8)
(family :uint8)
(port :uint16)
(addr :uint32))
(declaim (inline %var-accessor-errno))
(cffi:defcvar ("errno" errno) :int))
(cffi:defcfun strerror :string
(errno :int))
(define-condition syscall-failed (error)
((errno :initarg :errno :reader syscall-failed-errno)
(syscall :initarg :syscall))
(:report (lambda (condition stream)
(with-slots (errno syscall) condition
(format stream "~A failed: ~A (errno ~A)" syscall (strerror errno) errno)))))
(defun syscall-name (name)
(string-downcase (force-string name)))
(defun direct-syscall-sym (name)
(concat-sym-from-sym-package 'direct-syscall-sym 'syscall-direct- name))
(defun noretry-syscall-sym (name)
(concat-sym-from-sym-package 'noretry-syscall-sym 'syscall-noretry- name)))
(defmacro def-syscall (name &rest args)
`(cffi:defcfun (,(syscall-name name) ,(direct-syscall-sym name))
(defmacro def-simple-syscall (name &rest args)
(let ((direct-sym (direct-syscall-sym name))
(noretry-sym (noretry-syscall-sym name))
(syscall-name (syscall-name name))
(arg-names (mapcar #'first args))
(func (concat-sym-from-sym-package 'def-simple-syscall 'syscall- name)))
(declaim (inline ,func ,direct-sym ,noretry-sym))
(declaim (ftype (function (,@(mapcar (constantly t) arg-names)) (or null syscall-return-integer)) ,noretry-sym)
(ftype (function (,@(mapcar (constantly t) arg-names)) syscall-return-integer) ,func ,direct-sym))
(def-syscall ,name ,@args)
(defun ,noretry-sym ,arg-names
(declare (optimize speed (safety 0)))
(let ((val (,direct-sym ,@arg-names)))
(cond ((or (/= val -1) (= errno +EAGAIN+) (= errno +EINPROGRESS+))
((= errno +EINTR+)
(error 'syscall-failed :errno errno :syscall ,syscall-name)))))
(defun ,func ,arg-names
(declare (optimize speed (safety 0)))
(let ((val (,noretry-sym ,@arg-names)))
(when val (return val))))))))
(def-simple-syscall close
(fd :int))
(defconstant +SIG_IGN+ (cffi:make-pointer 1))
(defconstant +SIG_DFL+ (cffi:make-pointer 0))
(defconstant +SIGPIPE+ 13)
(cffi:defcfun ("signal" syscall-signal)
(signum :int)
(action :pointer))
(cffi:defctype size_t :unsigned-long)
(def-simple-syscall read
(fd :int)
(buf :pointer)
(size size_t))
(def-simple-syscall recvfrom
(fd :int)
(buf :pointer)
(size size_t)
(flags :int)
(address :pointer)
(address-len :pointer))
(def-simple-syscall write
(fd :int)
(buf :pointer)
(size size_t))
(def-simple-syscall writev
(fd :int)
(iov :pointer)
(iovcnt :int))
(def-simple-syscall sendto
(fd :int)
(buf :pointer)
(size size_t)
(flags :int)
(address :pointer)
(address-len :pointer))
(def-simple-syscall sendfile
(out_fd :int)
(in_fd :int)
(offset :pointer)
(count size_t))
(def-simple-syscall accept
(sockfd :int)
(addr :pointer)
(addrlen :pointer))
(def-simple-syscall fcntl
(fd :int)
(cmd :int)
(arg :long))
(defconstant +O_NONBLOCK+ #x800)
(defconstant +F_GETFL+ 3)
(defconstant +F_SETFL+ 4)
(defun set-fd-nonblock (fd)
(syscall-fcntl fd +F_SETFL+ (logior +O_NONBLOCK+ (syscall-fcntl fd +F_GETFL+ 0))))
(defun grovel-from-c-defines (string)
(dolist (line (cl-ppcre:split "\\n" string))
(cl-ppcre:register-groups-bind (name val description)
("^#define\\s+(\\S+)\\s+(\\S+)\\s*(?:/\\*\\s*(.*?)\\s*\\*/)?" line)
(format t "(defconstant +~A+ ~A \"~A\")~&"
name val (or description name)))
(cl-ppcre:register-groups-bind (name val description)
("^\\s*(\\S+)\\s*=\\s*(\\S+?(?:,)?)\\s*(?:/\\*\\s*(.*?)\\s*\\*/)?" line)
(format t "(defconstant +~A+ ~A \"~A\")~&"
name val (or description name)))))
(defconstant +IPPROTO_IP+ 0 "Dummy protocol for TCP")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_ICMP+ 1 "Internet Control Message Protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_IGMP+ 2 "Internet Group Management Protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_IPIP+ 4 "IPIP tunnels (older KA9Q tunnels use 94)")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_TCP+ 6 "Transmission Control Protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_EGP+ 8 "Exterior Gateway Protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_PUP+ 12 "PUP protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_UDP+ 17 "User Datagram Protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_IDP+ 22 "XNS IDP protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_DCCP+ 33 "Datagram Congestion Control Protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_RSVP+ 46 "RSVP protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_GRE+ 47 "Cisco GRE tunnels (rfc 1701,1702)")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_IPV6+ 41 "IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnelling")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_ESP+ 50 "Encapsulation Security Payload protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_AH+ 51 "Authentication Header protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_BEETPH+ 94 "IP option pseudo header for BEET")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_PIM+ 103 "Protocol Independent Multicast")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_COMP+ 108 "Compression Header protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_SCTP+ 132 "Stream Control Transport Protocol")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_UDPLITE+ 136 "UDP-Lite (RFC 3828)")
(defconstant +IPPROTO_RAW+ 255 "Raw IP packets")
(defconstant +SOL_SOCKET+ 1 "SOL_SOCKET")
(defconstant +SOL_RAW+ 255 "SOL_RAW")
(defconstant +SOL_DECNET+ 261 "SOL_DECNET")
(defconstant +SOL_X25+ 262 "SOL_X25")
(defconstant +SOL_PACKET+ 263 "SOL_PACKET")
(defconstant +SOL_ATM+ 264 "ATM layer (cell level).")
(defconstant +SOL_AAL+ 265 "ATM Adaption Layer (packet level).")
(defconstant +SOL_IRDA+ 266 "SOL_IRDA")
(defconstant +SO_DEBUG+ 1 "SO_DEBUG")
(defconstant +SO_REUSEADDR+ 2 "SO_REUSEADDR")
(defconstant +SO_TYPE+ 3 "SO_TYPE")
(defconstant +SO_ERROR+ 4 "SO_ERROR")
(defconstant +SO_DONTROUTE+ 5 "SO_DONTROUTE")
(defconstant +SO_BROADCAST+ 6 "SO_BROADCAST")
(defconstant +SO_SNDBUF+ 7 "SO_SNDBUF")
(defconstant +SO_RCVBUF+ 8 "SO_RCVBUF")
(defconstant +SO_KEEPALIVE+ 9 "SO_KEEPALIVE")
(defconstant +SO_OOBINLINE+ 10 "SO_OOBINLINE")
(defconstant +SO_NO_CHECK+ 11 "SO_NO_CHECK")
(defconstant +SO_PRIORITY+ 12 "SO_PRIORITY")
(defconstant +SO_LINGER+ 13 "SO_LINGER")
(defconstant +SO_BSDCOMPAT+ 14 "SO_BSDCOMPAT")
(defconstant +SO_PASSCRED+ 16 "SO_PASSCRED")
(defconstant +SO_PEERCRED+ 17 "SO_PEERCRED")
(defconstant +SO_RCVLOWAT+ 18 "SO_RCVLOWAT")
(defconstant +SO_SNDLOWAT+ 19 "SO_SNDLOWAT")
(defconstant +SO_RCVTIMEO+ 20 "SO_RCVTIMEO")
(defconstant +SO_SNDTIMEO+ 21 "SO_SNDTIMEO")
(defconstant +TCP_NODELAY+ 1 "Turn off Nagle's algorithm.")
(defconstant +TCP_MAXSEG+ 2 "Limit MSS")
(defconstant +TCP_CORK+ 3 "Never send partially complete segments")
(defconstant +TCP_KEEPIDLE+ 4 "Start keeplives after this period")
(defconstant +TCP_KEEPINTVL+ 5 "Interval between keepalives")
(defconstant +TCP_KEEPCNT+ 6 "Number of keepalives before death")
(defconstant +TCP_SYNCNT+ 7 "Number of SYN retransmits")
(defconstant +TCP_LINGER2+ 8 "Life time of orphaned FIN-WAIT-2 state")
(defconstant +TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT+ 9 "Wake up listener only when data arrive")
(defconstant +TCP_WINDOW_CLAMP+ 10 "Bound advertised window")
(defconstant +TCP_INFO+ 11 "Information about this connection.")
(defconstant +TCP_QUICKACK+ 12 "Block/reenable quick acks")
(defconstant +TCP_CONGESTION+ 13 "Congestion control algorithm")
(defconstant +TCP_MD5SIG+ 14 "TCP MD5 Signature (RFC2385)")
(defconstant +SOCK_STREAM+ 1)
(defconstant +SOCK_DGRAM+ 2)
(defconstant +SOCK_RAW+ 3)
(defconstant +SOCK_RDM+ 4)
(defconstant +SOCK_SEQPACKET+ 5)
(defconstant +SOCK_PACKET+ 10)
(defconstant +AF_UNSPEC+ 0 "AF_UNSPEC")
(defconstant +AF_UNIX+ 1 "Unix domain sockets")
(defconstant +AF_LOCAL+ 1 "POSIX name for AF_UNIX")
(defconstant +AF_INET+ 2 "Internet IP Protocol")
(defconstant +AF_AX25+ 3 "Amateur Radio AX.25")
(defconstant +AF_IPX+ 4 "Novell IPX")
(defconstant +AF_APPLETALK+ 5 "AppleTalk DDP")
(defconstant +AF_NETROM+ 6 "Amateur Radio NET/ROM")
(defconstant +AF_BRIDGE+ 7 "Multiprotocol bridge")
(defconstant +AF_ATMPVC+ 8 "ATM PVCs")
(defconstant +AF_X25+ 9 "Reserved for X.25 project")
(defconstant +AF_INET6+ 10 "IP version 6")
(defconstant +AF_ROSE+ 11 "Amateur Radio X.25 PLP")
(defconstant +AF_DECnet+ 12 "Reserved for DECnet project")
(defconstant +AF_NETBEUI+ 13 "Reserved for 802.2LLC project")
(defconstant +AF_SECURITY+ 14 "Security callback pseudo AF")
(defconstant +AF_KEY+ 15 "PF_KEY key management API")
(defconstant +AF_NETLINK+ 16 "AF_NETLINK")
(defconstant +AF_ROUTE+ +AF_NETLINK+ "Alias to emulate 4.4BSD")
(defconstant +AF_PACKET+ 17 "Packet family")
(defconstant +AF_ASH+ 18 "Ash")
(defconstant +AF_ECONET+ 19 "Acorn Econet")
(defconstant +AF_ATMSVC+ 20 "ATM SVCs")
(defconstant +AF_SNA+ 22 "Linux SNA Project (nutters!)")
(defconstant +AF_IRDA+ 23 "IRDA sockets")
(defconstant +AF_PPPOX+ 24 "PPPoX sockets")
(defconstant +AF_WANPIPE+ 25 "Wanpipe API Sockets")
(defconstant +AF_LLC+ 26 "Linux LLC")
(defconstant +AF_TIPC+ 30 "TIPC sockets")
(defconstant +AF_BLUETOOTH+ 31 "Bluetooth sockets")
(defconstant +AF_MAX+ 32 "For now..")
(defun socket-cork (fd)
(declare (ignore fd)))
(defun socket-uncork (fd)
(declare (ignore fd)))
(defun socket-cork (fd)
(setsockopt-int fd +IPPROTO_TCP+ +TCP_CORK+ 1))
(defun socket-uncork (fd)
(setsockopt-int fd +IPPROTO_TCP+ +TCP_CORK+ 0)))
(def-simple-syscall socket
(domain :int)
(type :int)
(protocol :int))
(def-simple-syscall bind
(sockfd :int)
(addr :pointer)
(addrlen :int))
(def-simple-syscall connect
(sockfd :int)
(addr :pointer)
(addrlen :int))
(def-simple-syscall listen
(sockfd :int)
(backlog :int))
(cffi:defcfun htons
(port :uint16))
(cffi:defcfun inet_pton
(af :int)
(src :string)
(dst :pointer))
(cffi:defcfun inet_ntop
(af :int)
(src :pointer)
(dst :pointer)
(cnt :int))
(cffi:defcstruct addrinfo
(flags :int)
(family :int)
(socktype :int)
(protocol :int)
(addrlen size_t)
(addr :pointer)
(canonname :string)
(next :pointer))
(cffi:defcstruct addrinfo
(flags :int)
(family :int)
(socktype :int)
(protocol :int)
(addrlen size_t)
(canonname :string)
(addr :pointer)
(next :pointer))
(cffi:defcfun getaddrinfo
(node :string)
(service :string)
(hints :pointer)
(res :pointer))
(cffi:defcfun freeaddrinfo
(res :pointer))
(defun lookup-hostname (hostname)
(cffi:with-foreign-object (res :pointer)
(let ((ret (getaddrinfo hostname (cffi:null-pointer) (cffi:null-pointer) res)))
(when (zerop ret)
(let ((ai (cffi:mem-ref res :pointer)))
(cffi:foreign-slot-value ai 'addrinfo 'addr))
(freeaddrinfo ai)))))))
(def-simple-syscall setsockopt
(fd :int)
(level :int)
(optname :int)
(optval :pointer)
(optlen :int))
(defun setsockopt-int (fd level optname value)
(cffi:with-foreign-object (on :int)
(setf (cffi:mem-ref on :int) value)
(syscall-setsockopt fd level optname
on (cffi:foreign-type-size :int))))
(defun sockaddr-address-string-with-ntop (sa)
(cffi:with-foreign-pointer-as-string ((str str-size) 200)
(unless (inet_ntop (cffi:foreign-slot-value sa 'sockaddr_in 'family)
(cffi:foreign-slot-pointer sa 'sockaddr_in 'addr)
(error "Cannot convert address: ~A" (strerror errno)))))
(defun sockaddr-address-string (sa)
(declare (optimize speed))
(let ((addr (cffi:foreign-slot-value sa 'sockaddr_in 'addr)))
#.`(strcat ,@(loop for i from 0 below 4 unless (= i 0) collect "." collect `(ldb (byte 8 (* 8 ,i)) addr)))))
(let ((octet-to-string (make-array 256 :element-type 'simple-string :initial-contents (loop for i from 0 below 256 collect (princ-to-string i)))))
(defun sockaddr-address-string (sa)
(declare (optimize speed (safety 0)))
(let ((addr (cffi:foreign-slot-value sa 'sockaddr_in 'addr)))
#.`(strcat ,@(loop for i below 4 unless (= i 0) collect "." collect `(the simple-string (aref octet-to-string (ldb (byte 8 (* 8 ,i)) addr) )))))))
(defun new-socket-helper (&key
(let ((fd (syscall-socket socket-family socket-type 0)))
(let ((network-port (htons port)))
(setsockopt-int fd +SOL_SOCKET+ +SO_REUSEADDR+ 1)
(set-fd-nonblock fd)
(with-foreign-object-and-slots ((addr port family) sa sockaddr_in)
(setf family socket-family)
(cffi:with-foreign-string (src address)
(when (<= (inet_pton socket-family src
(cffi:foreign-slot-pointer sa 'sockaddr_in 'addr)) 0)
(error "Internet address is not valid: ~A" address)))
(setf port network-port)
(funcall action fd sa (cffi:foreign-type-size 'sockaddr_in)))
(syscall-close fd))))
(defun make-listen-socket (&rest args)
(apply 'new-socket-helper :action
(lambda(fd sa len)
(syscall-bind fd sa len)
(syscall-listen fd 1024))
(defun make-bind-socket (&rest args)
(apply 'new-socket-helper :action
(lambda(fd sa len)
(syscall-bind fd sa len))
(defun make-connect-socket (&rest args)
(apply 'new-socket-helper
:action 'syscall-connect
(defconstant +max-iovecs+ 1024)
(cffi:defcstruct iovec
(base :pointer)
(len :unsigned-long))
(cffi:defcstruct timeval
(sec :unsigned-long)
(usec :unsigned-long))
(def-simple-syscall gettimeofday
(tv :pointer)
(tz :pointer))
(defconstant +unix-epoch-to-universal-time-offset+ 2208988800)
(defstruct precise-time
(defun get-precise-time ()
(with-foreign-object-and-slots ((sec usec) tv timeval)
(syscall-gettimeofday tv (cffi:null-pointer))
(make-precise-time :sec (+ sec +unix-epoch-to-universal-time-offset+) :usec usec)))
(my-defun precise-time 'print-object (stream)
(if *print-readably*
(format stream "~D.~6,'0D" (my sec) (my usec))))
(my-defun precise-time after (old-time)
(check-type old-time precise-time)
(let ((usec (- (my usec) (its usec old-time))))
(let ((one-over (if (> 0 usec) 1 0)))
(make-precise-time :sec (- (my sec) (its sec old-time) one-over) :usec (+ usec (* 1000000 one-over))))))
(def-simple-syscall epoll_create
(size :int))
(def-simple-syscall epoll_wait
(epfd :int)
(events :pointer)
(maxevents :int)
(timeout :int))
(def-simple-syscall epoll_ctl
(epfd :int)
(op :int)
(fd :int)
(event :pointer))
(defconstant +POLLIN+ #x001)
(defconstant +POLLPRI+ #x002)
(defconstant +POLLOUT+ #x004)
(defconstant +POLLRDNORM+ #x040)
(defconstant +POLLRDBAND+ #x080)
(defconstant +POLLWRNORM+ #x100)
(defconstant +POLLWRBAND+ #x200)
(defconstant +POLLRDHUP+ #x2000)
(defconstant +POLLMSG+ #x400)
(defconstant +POLLERR+ #x008)
(defconstant +POLLHUP+ #x010)
(defconstant +EPOLLONESHOT+ #.(ash 1 30))
(defconstant +EPOLLET+ #.(ash 1 31))
(defconstant +EPOLL_CTL_ADD+ 1)
(defconstant +EPOLL_CTL_DEL+ 2)
(defconstant +EPOLL_CTL_MOD+ 3)
(cffi:defcunion epoll-data
(ptr :pointer)
(fd :int)
(u32 :uint32)
(u64 :uint64))
(cffi:defcstruct (epoll-event :size 12)
(events :uint32)
(data epoll-data :offset 4))
(assert (= (cffi:foreign-type-size ' 12))
(cffi:defcfun getpeername
(fd :int)
(sockaddr :pointer)
(socklen :pointer))
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