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(define-constant +truc-ranking+ '(6 7 0 12 11 10 9 8) :test 'equal)
(define-constant +truc-deck+
(map 'vector 'card-number
(loop for s in +suits+ append (loop for i in +truc-ranking+ collect (make-card :suit s :value i))))
:test 'equalp)
(defconstant +truc-winning-stack+ 12)
(defgame truc ()
(stake ordered-winners)
(defplayer ()
((cards nil)
(wins 0)
(stack 0)
(folded nil))))
(my-defun truc-player shuffle-init ()
(setf (my cards) nil)
(setf (my wins) 0)
(setf (my folded) nil)
(setf (my chosen-card) nil))
(my-defun card truc-ranking ()
(let ((val (position (my value) (reverse +truc-ranking+))))
(debug-assert val)
(defun card-number-truc-ranking (n)
(its truc-ranking (make-card-from-number n)))
(my-defun truc-player chosen-card-value ()
(if (or (my folded) (not (my chosen-card)))
(card-number-truc-ranking (my chosen-card))))
(my-defun truc chosen-card-values ()
(remove-if (lambda(c)(eql -1 c)) (mapcar (lambda(p) (its chosen-card-value p)) (my players))))
(my-defun truc determine-round-winner ()
(let ((winning-card
(reduce 'max (my chosen-card-values) :initial-value -1)))
(let ((winners (loop for p in (my players)
when (and (eql winning-card (its chosen-card-value p)) (not (its folded p)))
collect p)))
(when (= 1 (length winners))
(let ((winner (first winners)))
(push winner (my ordered-winners))
(incf (its wins winner))
(my announce :winner :player winner)
(deletef winner (my players))
(push winner (my players)))))))
(my-defun truc shuffle ()
(setf (my stake) 1)
(setf (my ordered-winners) nil)
(let ((shuffle (random-shuffle +truc-deck+)))
(loop for player in (my players) do
(truc-player-shuffle-init player)
(setf (its cards player) (subseq shuffle 0 3))
(setf shuffle (subseq shuffle 3))))
(setf (my players) (random-shuffle (my players))))
(my-defun truc too-few-players ()
(let ((active-players (filter (lambda(p)(not (its folded p))) (my players))))
(>= 1 (length active-players))))
(defrules truc play-round ()
(loop for p in (my players)
do (setf (its chosen-card p) nil))
(loop for player in (my players)
unless (its folded player)
(when (> +truc-winning-stack+ (+ (its stack player) (my stake)))
(let ((new-stake
(my move :select-new-stake player `(:integer ,(my stake) ,(1+ (min (* 2 (my stake)) +truc-winning-stack+))))))
(when (> new-stake (my stake))
(loop for p in (my players)
do (unless
(eql p player)
(its folded p)
(>= (1+ (its stack p)) +truc-winning-stack+)
(my move :accept-new-stake p :boolean :new-stake new-stake))
(setf (its folded p) t)
(when (my too-few-players)
(return-from truc-play-round))))
(setf (my stake) new-stake))))
(setf (its chosen-card player)
(let ((card (my move :select-card player `(:one ,@(its cards player)))))
(deletef card (its cards player) :count 1)
(my determine-round-winner))
(defrules truc play-rubber ()
(loop do
(my shuffle)
(my new-state)
(loop for player in (reverse (my players))
always (my move :reject-cards player :boolean)))
(loop for round from 3 downto 1
do (my play-round)
until (or
(let ((wins (mapcar (lambda(p)(its wins p)) (my players))))
(>= (- (reduce 'max wins) (reduce 'min wins)) round))
(my too-few-players)))
(my determine-rubber-winner))
(my-defun truc determine-rubber-winner ()
(let* ((active-players (filter (lambda(p)(not (its folded p))) (my players)))
(top-wins (reduce 'max (mapcar (lambda(p)(its wins p)) active-players)))
(winners (remove-if-not (lambda(p) (eql (its wins p) top-wins)) active-players)))
(let ((winner (first (if (> (length winners) 1)
(remove-if-not (lambda(p) (member p winners)) (my ordered-winners))
(unless winner
(my announce :draw))
(when winner
(incf (its stack winner) (my stake))
(my announce :winner :chips (my stake) :player winner)))))
(my-defun truc 'play ()
(loop until (loop for p in (my players) until
(when (<= +truc-winning-stack+ (its stack p))
(my finished p)
do (my play-rubber))))
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