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;;;; -*- Mode: lisp; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
;;; trivial-garbage.asd --- ASDF system definition for trivial-garbage.
;;; This software is placed in the public domain by Luis Oliveira
;;; <> and is provided with absolutely no
;;; warranty.
#-(or :cmu :sbcl :allegro :clisp :openmcl :corman :lispworks)
(error "Sorry, your Lisp is not supported by trivial-garbage.")
(defpackage #:trivial-garbage-system
(:use #:cl #:asdf))
(in-package #:trivial-garbage-system)
(defsystem trivial-garbage
:description "Portable finalizers, weak hash-tables and weak pointers."
:author "Luis Oliveira <>"
:version "0.15"
:licence "Public Domain"
:components ((:file "trivial-garbage")))
(defmethod perform ((op test-op) (sys (eql (find-system :trivial-garbage))))
(operate 'load-op :trivial-garbage-tests)
(operate 'test-op :trivial-garbage-tests))
(defsystem trivial-garbage-tests
:description "Unit tests for TRIVIAL-GARBAGE."
:depends-on (trivial-garbage rt)
:components ((:file "tests")))
(defmethod perform ((op test-op)
(sys (eql (find-system :trivial-garbage-tests))))
(funcall (find-symbol (symbol-name '#:do-tests) '#:regression-test)))
;; vim: ft=lisp et
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