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(define-constant +suits+ '(:clubs :hearts :spades :diamonds) :test 'equal)
(defconstant +cards-per-suit+ 13))
(defstruct card
(suit :clubs :type #.`(member ,@+suits+))
(value 0 :type (integer 0 #.+cards-per-suit+)))
(my-defun card value-string ()
(case (my value)
(0 "Ace")
(10 "Jack")
(11 "Queen")
(12 "King")
(t (string-capitalize (format nil "~R" (1+ (my value)))))))
(my-defun card name ()
(format nil "~A of ~A"
(my value-string)
(string-capitalize (symbol-name (my suit)))))
(my-defun card number ()
(+ (* (position (my suit) +suits+) +cards-per-suit+) (my value)))
(defun make-card-from-number (number)
(s-n v)
(floor number +cards-per-suit+)
(make-card :suit (elt +suits+ s-n) :value v)))
(my-defun card 'object-to-ml ()
:class "card"
(<span :class (symbol-name (my suit))
(my value-string)
(case (my suit)
(:diamonds "diams")
(t (string-downcase (symbol-name (my suit)))))
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