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(defstruct robot)
(defstruct (robot-bully (:include robot)))
(defstruct (robot-sensible (:include robot)))
(my-defun robot 'player-controller-name-to-ml ()
(<span :class "robot" "Ralph"))
(my-defun robot-bully 'player-controller-name-to-ml ()
(<span :class "robot" "Nelson"))
(my-defun robot-sensible 'player-controller-name-to-ml ()
(<span :class "robot" "Martin"))
(defvar *bots* (list (make-robot) (make-robot-bully) (make-robot-sensible)))
(defmethod inform ((stream stream) game-state message &rest args)
(format stream "MESSAGE: ~A~&~{~A ~} (state ~A)~&" message args game-state))
(defmethod move ((stream stream) player-state move-type choices &rest args)
(format stream "Details ~{~A ~}~&Game state ~A~&Your state ~A~&Your choices for ~A are ~A:~&" args (player-game player-state)
move-type choices)
(loop do
(handler-case (return-from move (validate-choice choices (read-safely stream)))
(error (e) (format t "Sorry that move is not allowed; ~A~&" e)))))